Saturday, November 21, 2009

Commission Ritual Review

Commission Ritual is a newly launched product that has a lot of buzz. However, the buzz is well deserved. I bought this product with the intention of giving an insightful review of this product. I was absolutely skeptical at first,as I always am, but reviewing products is what we do. It is a tough decision, especially when products promise to make you tons of dollars and show you proof with high earnings. I'm here to inform readers and allow them to make an educated decision by providing them with what they need to know.

Commission Ritual is a manual for both newbie and advanced marketers, and is designed to help the average marketers with their online money making endeavours. Though this product it is created more for advanced marketers, it is absolutely designed with beginners in mind. Any motivated beginner or marketer can impliment this guide to make money online.

Brian Johnson, placed together an informative and step-by-step guide with a pdf file being of 130 pages. This may seem like a hard read but it is designed to take you by the hand and lead you in the right direction. What makes this product even greater is the 90 video tutorials that shows you how to do the steps without having have to worry about how it mus be done. Top help you even further the Commission Ritual has 2special reports covering Sales Phrases and Buying Keywords & Phrases. To simplify things even further Brian provides a quick reference guide allowing you to access any information that you need too refresh your memory.

If everthing is followed as directed in this guide then this will be a deadly marketing tool to have in your possession. You can easily start making profits of 1000's withinbg a month. The product at the time of this reveview is set to $4.95 (7 day trial).

I must emphasize the importance of stick with the system, if you are not motivated to take this a a serious jub then its not worth your trying.

The main flaw with this product is that it contains advanced techniques that new online marketers may have difficulty understanding. However, these techniques will be very helpful as you develop your online business and expand on your desires to become successful online. If you decide to purchase this product see if the 7 day trial offer is still open.

If not then I'm confident that you will be able to use the techniques and information in this guide to make money online.

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Once again here is what you get in Commission Ritual:

-Core Training Manual - 130 Pages PDF

-Desk Top Reference - PDF

-Special Report - Ritual Sales Words & Phrases

-Special Report - Ritual Buying Keywords & Phrases

-And Over 90 Tutorial Videos

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bloggers Payback Review

This is a no gimmick, bootcamp style system with fundamentals that are weapons at your fingertips.

The Bloggers Payback system is loaded, with information for bot beginners and intermediate marketers. This manual can even provide valuable information and techniques to experienced marketers. Bloggers Payback as the name suggests is about blogging for profits.

I'm sure that you have heard many blogging systems make lavished claims of being able to make you succeed online with blogging. Without reservation I can say that you are asking yourself this question right now. What makes Bloggers Payback any different from other blogging products you have tried before.

Bloggers Payback tops all other blogging system as it breaks down everthing for you from selecting your niche to detailed information on how to profit from blogging in a very short period of time.

Bloggers Payback, provides you with the following information in details:

Planning- which is very important in building a succesful blog that will pull in unlimited profits.

Setting Up A Blog- many people know what a blog is and how to start one. However their are some crucial mistakes that 95% of all bloggers make, which is very costly is you wish to make money online with blogging.

Starting Your Blog- many will start a blog with no sense of direction of what it is they wish to accomplish. Bloggers Payback walks you through this process step by step to ensure that everything you do provides leverage to your profits as a blogger. You don't want to screw this up.

Promoting & getting Traffic to your blog- I know this is one of the main problems that many bloggers face. Not only bloggers but internet marketers on a whole. Often times it's a decision of whether you are going to empty your pocket on Google Adwords or use the hard painstaking method of generating traffic. The thing is Bloggers Payback eliminates the difficulty with generating traffic for your blog. It provides an easy to follow fool proof method to generate tons of targeted traffic to your website.

Extra Tips & Tricks- with these extra tips your're sure to succeed as a blogger as Bloggers Payback opens up your mind and prepares you with the mind-set of a blogger. These extra tips and tricks are simple but effective enhancers to help you along your endeavours to become a successful blogger.

Bloggers Payback is a huge manual 139 pages to be exact. However, don't let all those pages scare you. There is 139 pages for a reason and that is to ensure that no one gets left behind. This manual is so detailed and straight-forward that if you follow all the instruction, you are bound to be the next success story of rags to riches.

There are also loads of bonuses that I'm sure will be of help to you. Bloggers Payback in the simplest words, Over deliverd. Couldn't think of another word to use it just simply gives you everthing you need right at your fingertips.

If you wish to pursue blogging as an avenue to genarate some extra or make it your full time income then Bloggers Payback is the Manual and system you need to have.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Perect Optimizer Review

Perfect Optimizer is by far the strongest competitor for Registry Easy, and without resevation I must say it exceeds my expectations and became my favourite new and best registry cleaner! If observe the ratings I gave Perfect Optimizer, it exceeds Registry Easy in every way.

With Regards to features, Perfect Optimizer is almost identical to Registry Easy, with features such as; 1-click maintenance, evidence cleaner,shortcut and junk file cleaner, system optimizer, ActiveX blocker, duplicate file finder, Internet and start up optimizer, and much more!

Take a look at how it performs in each category:

Error Detection

Perfect Optimizer actually found much more errors than Registry Easy. However, the result is dependent on the type of machine, but at least in found more errors than Registry Easy! With that regards I give it a 5/5!

Scan Efficiency

Decently quick and efficient to detecta large number of errors, this is another 5/5 rating! However, with comparison to Registry Easy, the scanned result layout is not as orderly categorized and easy to manage, in my opinion it will discourage manual exclusion of registry entries, which is a bit too much work.

Safe To Repair

Perfect Optimizer comes with back up before repairing, this is an excellent feature, which allows you to store valuable information or files away before cleaning. Any Cleaning Software you are looking to use must provide this feature it is very critical.

Additional Tools

This is by far the strongest part of Perfect Optimizer! It is equipped with spyware cleaner, file associate repair, disk defragmenting and worm blocker as opposed to Registry Easy, that big plus for Perfect Optimizer!

ActiveX Protection
This is important. My computer was infected by ActiveX twice,before I used Perect Optimer. So this makes it an even more excellent Computer Protector.

Deep Scan

Authentic Deep Scan provided. Need to get to those hard to reach places that Registry Easy cant get to!

Boost PC Speed

Helps to improve your systems performance. If you are experiencing, slowness or sluggish problems with your PC then, Perfect Optimizer is a right solution.

User Friendliness

The interface is clean and well put together. Easy navigation and easy to use.

Value VS Money

The Perfect Optimizer offers Value for Money! This is actually at a great price, considering the importantce of your PC.


Overall, I would recommend Perfect Optimizer over Registry Easy. The best registry cleaner for your computer, is the Perfect Optimizer – Highly recommended!

Clickbank Pirate Review

Clickbank Pirate or CB Pirate for short is a product release from Cindy Battye & Soren Jordansen. Both Cindy and soren are known as two of the top Internet marketers today.

I purchased the product and started taking a look at the product page, and also the members area. The product is referred to as a “Turnkey System”, and to be honest it's not that simple – how often have you heard that before?

If you have been working in affiliate marketing to earn money, then I'm sure that you know there is no Magic Formula, no Easy Button you can Push to make money on Auto-pilot. Making money online takes some dedication to achieve.

However,having been in the members area of Clickbank Pirate I am pleasantly surprised at what I found there. So here is a brief summary of what you get from the CB Pirate system – a no fluff, no filler review.

When you first sign up and log in to your Members area of the Clickbank Pirate system,you are given access to professionally designed Video Squeeze Pages, designed with one main focus and that's to pull in desired prospects.

The squeeze pages are SEO optimized for best results, and in addition to signing up through this page, your targeted prospects will be sent a free report – This free report contains your affiliate link embedded in it and will be sent as future offers from the system, with your affiliate links inside.

Clickbank Pirate is an excellent follow up system with auto responder built in, that will do all the follow up you need.

In addition – The above systems are hosted for in their extensive Clickbank Pirate Members area. Their are no worries about hosting your own website, designing, building squeeze pages or buying auto-responder and other marketing software. These are all included in the CB Pirate system.

So, Is there a Catch?

Not in my opinion. The members area of the Click Bank Pirate is equipped with tools including a proprietary Traffic System, that shows you exactly how and where to get traffic for your squeeze pages.

Though this is not the absolute "Turnkey System," it is a viable avenue to use to start earning money online.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Maverick Money Makers Review

There are many different online make money scams being sold that it is rather difficult to find the product that actually provides any real result. The problem is, the internet has many scam artists who knows that people are desperate to find ways to make money online and they are taking full advantage of it. To get back on track this is a review of Mack Michaels' Maverick Money Makers program hoping that you will be able to know the truth about the popular Maverick Money Maker.

As it is evident I have purchased and tried and reviewed so many online money-making products that I've lost count. Every now and then, I would come across an Internet marketing system that actual worked. Maverick Money Makers just happens to be one of those rare cases. Not only is Maverick Money Makers able to show you the right way to make money online, but the system is so result driven that I managed to earn well over $300 in the first week! I continued to apply the training and followed the instructions as directed and had earned almost $2,000 by the end of my first month.

This product can take you from a newbie internet marketer to having a steady income online in no time. The Maverick Money Makers Club is literally able to change your life Mack Michaels' product is just pure quality.

Who is Mack Michaels?

Mack Michaels was an average clueless newbie marketers just like everyone else. Finding himself broke and out of a job, Mack had to find some way to provide for his family, in the same way that you are. In his time of difficulty, Michaels endeavored to develop a system that could make him money online. Pouring his focus on this system he used it to become an Internet marketing millionaire! The very same sytem which brought Michaels all this fortune serves as the basis for the Maverick Money Makers Club.

What exactly is Maverick Money Makers?

Maverick Money Makers system is a one of a kind elite internet marketing club and membership site. Members of the Maverick Money Makers Club get full access to a tons of content and information about making money online. The information is mostly provided in video format, which allows members to easily understand how to apply and implement this income generating system step-by-step. There are over 60 videos that provide detailed easy to follow, step-by-step instruction and training.

The membership content includes instruction on the following topics:

Core Training

Members learn the main theories and processes behind the Maverick Money Makers system. The videos shows you exactly how to build your online marketing business from scratch and form a very steady stream of income online.

Quick Money Blueprints

Michaels' provides some of his quick money making blueprints that show you how to start making money instantly. The quick money blueprint can be used to instantly generate income while you continue to build the other aspects of your business.

Skill Set Videos

These videos will help you to sharpen and develop crucial skills necessary to become successful at making money online. Members will learn skills such as competitive intelligence, affiliate marketing, traffic generation,domain name selection, and website creation.

Mindset Coaching

One of the absolutely hands down most difficult aspects of becoming successful online is staying focused. There are always difficulties and frustrations in starting any business and it is vitally important to develop the correct mindset to stay focused on your goals.

What If I need help?

Maverick Money Makers Club has a complete support team that is there to help members at any time, whenever they need it. As a member of the Maverick Money Makers elite club, you are never left wondering what next in your quest for online income.

Is Maverick Money Makers Worth It?

The answer to this question is a simple but emphatic YES! If you are desire is to generating income online, then the Maverick Money Makers Club is the place to strat. As a member you will get access to everything you need to start earning income online today. There are very few products that can offer this sort of exclusive information without coercing you to empty your pocket for one-on-one training.

If you are starting out are thinking about making money online then, the Maverick Money Makers Club is the place to start.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mass PPV Traffic Review

For those who unfamiliar with the term PPV, the abbreviation stands for Pay-Per-View thus the term PPV traffic. This form of traffic system is innovative and is a very stealthy and fool proof method to get targeted traffic to your website at will.

Forget about, Article marketing, pay per click and social meadia marketing. A simple and much easier way as arrived on the seen and you won't go broke or be working your butt off to achieve success. PPV Traffic is a method to get dirt cheap traffic filled with money spending buyers.

Kris Trujillo the owner of this product has ensure that you are provided with the means to succeed. You're not left hanging or confused about what you need do.

The following are provided in the PPV Traffic System...

Mass PPV Traffic Manual- which is the entire system in pdf format allowing you to read and follow along easily.

The Complete Comprehensive Video Course- explaining everthing you need to know and do step-by-step.

Mass PPV Traffic Explicit Mind Map Blueprint- gives you insightful information of the power of thi system in 5 easy steps.

Mass PPV Traffic Quick Cash Guide- allowing you to put the system to work instantly.

Mass PPV Traffic Tools and Kit- this is the exact tool Kris uses to create his success.

So What Would You Learn From The Mass PPV Traffic System?

A complete defination of PPV and CPV, and how it is able to work for you.

The correct way to set-up your squeeze page and landing page- many people like yourself do this incorrectly which leads to your failure or little success online.

How to set-up your Aweber Account to start collecting hoards of subscribes.

How to use demographics to your advantage- this is a often overlooked technique, but is very powerful when you know what to do.

How to effectively split test two landing pages using aweber the right way.

How to find URL's that are some of the more traffic sites to traget.

How to put this all together into a PPV Advertising Network.

And examples to how your ads would pop-up so you can see how this system would work to an advantage over your competitors.

Following the steps laid out in the Mass PPV Course exactly as told you will be able to duplicate simliar results and their is no reason that this system sould fail if you follow it concisely.

Mass PPV Traffic is totally different from PPC or Google Adwords. This system is way less costly than the before mentioned traffic generating methods. You are able to actually generate quality traffic with at a very low cost. No, actually at a dirt cheap cost.

If you are struggling to generate quality targeted traffic to your website then Mass PPV Traffic sytem is designed to help you overcome such barrier, propelling you towards success online.

If you have failed miserable or just simply can't generate any traffic to your website Mass PPV Traffic System can help.

Optin Profits: Ewen Chia

Ewen Chia a world renound affiliate marketer once again provides an insightful product that helps anyone hoping to become successful online to achieve it using a technique that is proven to be successful.

The Optin Profits system explains in full details how to go about build a very huge list. The difference between Ewen Chia's Optin Profits list building techniques is that it doesn't just help you to build a huge list, but it shows you how to build a profitable list.

Ewen doesn't just says that he can have you build a huge profitable list, he leads by example. Who better to learn from than someone who has proven time over time that he is an absolute expert at what he does.

So what are the benefits of Ewen Chia's Optin Profits. Ewen Chia's system provides you with a quality system that gives you marketing techniques and strategies that you can put to use immediately. So here are the following benefits of Optin Profits:

How to find the perfect niche for list building by spying on top selling websites. This is imptant as it prevents you from struggling to build your list.

The secret word that brings in buyers by the ton, but can be a costly failure if you build a list using that word.

Hypnotic tatics that effortlessly let buyers poor their pockets out without reluctance. It's like having a pupet on a string.

Ewen Chia's System is results driven and is not an hyped up system that fails live up to its claims.

Other important things of interest includes:

6 conversion tactics that never fails and will make your subscribers list explode.

Secret Tactics to help you generate instant traffic, for any site, new or old.

How to subconciously force your readers to act. But you must use it specifically has directed by Ewen, otherwise you may run into problems with angry customers.

It's a easy to follow, simple to use system that will guide you to the success you dream of as an affiliate.

Ewen Chia's system equips you with the ability to make money at will. Its not some temporary fix for a transient success.

This is a short term long term system designed to make you successful.

Learn More About Optin Profits Here!