Saturday, January 31, 2009

The 11 Forgotten Laws Review

Don't Leave This Blog Without Reading Everything On This Page....

Wow, Just Wow. Bob Proctor and Mary Morissey,brings the 11 forgotten laws to life. I've heard about these laws but never chose to operate by those laws. Now I realize that thier are 12 laws that govern this universe and of such I must work with these laws to make anything of my life.

I was in a state of dispair and utter confusion. I did not know what direction my life was taking, I had a series of mishaps taking place all at once and I was bashing myself asking why me. What have I done wrong? I felt cornered and hopeless, trapped with no way out.

I was in search for something to change my life, what it was that I needed I didn't know. But I was looking. I was looking with the physical eyes, not with the eyes of my mind. We claim to see with our eyes, but we actually don't, my "eyes" are just a pair of windows that allows an image to form in my mind.

The most know law to us is the Law of Attraction, I already knew of this law but wasn't applying it properly as I came to find out. The other 11 laws are as follows and these laws have put me on the path to a changed person and I now apply these laws on a daily basis: Working With The Law, Law of Thinking, Law of Supply,Law Of Receiving, Law of Increase, Law of Increase, Law of Compensation, Law of Non Resistance, Law of Forgiveness, Law of Sacrifice, Law of Obedience, and last but not least Law of Success. The Law of Attraction being one of the 12.

Now back to my story, I was in search of an answer as I said, but I first had to ask myself a question, What was my interest? Asking myself this question made me realize I had very little to no interest and that was one of the main things that was holding me back. I accepted what the outward forces gave to me because I did not understand how to combat these forces that I was working against.

I was truly working against these laws, when I simply needed to make a shift in my thought and work with the law. That brought me to the place where I had to think, the Law of Thinking. I always thought that I was thinking, but I really wasn't, I just had thoughts zapping through my mind faster than the speed of light. No real focus on thinking. Bob Proctor and Mary Morrisey, gave such clear explanation of this law. You are what you think, we manifest into being what we think and we are responsible for putting ourselves in that position, be it positive or negative. I had negative thoughts so attracted negaive occurences in my life. My thoughts of I'll never be able to, and there is no way out ate me up.

This course is truly inspirational, I had a new light, a chanel of hope came over me, I rededicated myself to accomplishing that which I am made to be. I started by my change my renewing my thoughts, just a 1 degree shift took me to a different place the place I needed to be.

I began to harness the power that was within me. Rob's home study course of the 11 forgotten laws, is truly an answer to many of your unanswered questions. Believe it or not the 11 forgotten laws governs the outcome of any given situation, be it that your aware of it or not. These laws govern the universe and we simply can't ignore them. Just as the Law of gravity exist and we can't ignore it, so it is with the Laws that govern the universe.

I've learnt how to change situations, regardless of how hopeless it seems, to a positive circumstance. If you wish to make a change in your life and understand what's causing you to fail at most if not everything you try, the 11 forgottten laws can help you through this.

If You are challenged and have no hope, wishing for things to change, you don't have to wish anymore. You actually have the power, the innner most being to change what it is you need.

I challenged the 11 Foregotten Laws, I wasn't going in with much hope for a change but it did. I went to the sales page and read it all it seem to offer something but I was still skeptical. I hit the back browser and a $5 7 day trial offer poped up. I thought to myself what have I to lose, I signed Up. That 7 days has helped me to turn my life around a literal 180 degree turn. I was down the path to destroying myself, but that all changed. Everthing is not gone, but I'm on the path to success. These Audios are life changing.

I challenge You, to try the 11 forgotten Laws, and If it doesn't renew your mind and put you on the path to success. I give you full right's to write any nasty comment you wish on my blog.

I give you a promise, this course will change your life. Walk in the light and take my challenge you also have a 100% money back promise from Rob and Mary.

So take the challenge today. Learn About The Other Side Of You You've Been Ignoring On The Next Page >>>

The Study Course That teaches you how to use the 12 laws to empower and change your life making you successful and setting you free.


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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Guru Assassin Review

The Guru Assassin is set to launch today January 29th and it seems to be promising. Johnny Andrews, decided to reveal is fully automated cash pulling system he uses to make an average of $600.00/day.

I must say that doesn't seem like much but It all ads ups. I managed to get my hands on a prelaunch copy of The Guru Assassin, as I need proof that it works. Now this system by Johnny Andrews is totally simple and easy to use and I'm not just saying that. It's one of the best put together automated systems I've seen in a long time.

The Guru Assassin provides you with step-by-step instruction, video tutorials and at the same time you can learn exactly how to start making a six figure income, with no experience.

It's traffic secrets are truly unique and like none I've ever used before. Andrew Teaches extreme conversion techniques, that will double your sales instantly. He explains just how to get 30 ready to spend vistors to sites,(30 vistors per day, that's almost 1000 vistors per month), this system shows you why getting traffic to your site is rather easy.

Guru's don't want you to believe that it's easy to get traffic to your site, they want you to always be in that state of mind to always be searching for something. The Guru Assassin breaks this cycle. Johnny Andrews gives you is exact system that efforlessly pulls cash in your pocket.

I did say I got a sneak preview and with that I got a live video, from John Andrews, showing just how easy he makes money, this is no kidding. Right before my very eyes, he went from $1,253.87 to 1,378.53 in just about 20 minutes. That's over $100.00 in way less than an hour and this all happened while he was explaining his system and why it will always work 100% of the time.

You can copy Johnny's success system, the Guru Assassin will have you running an autopilot business in 48hrs.

Learn How To Launch a 6 Figure Business In Less Than 24 Hours.


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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ranking Loophole Review

It can be pretty frustrating, I get furious at google sometimes when I realize that I've been penalized, for something I know nothing about. You find yourself on the first page of Google one day and in the twinkling of an eye your website is nowhere to be found, lost I the dark side of Google.

I was in search of another way to get traffic to my website other than google, but that turned out to be an uphill battle. I just didn't have any luck with the other search engines, needless to say I got very little results.

I spent approximately $485.37 on Google Adwords and only made $185.07, It was a devastating outcome. Adwords is not a game for newbies trust me I speak from experience.

In my search to find some other way out I came across Ranking Loophole. It claims to give you a systematic loophole to rank in MSN. Even though MSN is not quite Google it would be well worth the try.

I'm not going to say this was an amazing product, as it took some work and my knowlege of marketing to make this work.

The ranking loophole covers the following:

1) How to build sites that *actually* make real money

2) How to multiply your average visitor value (profit)

3) Why this works in every market, and how to easily mass-scale this simple approach to create life-changing revenues...

It was complicated at first but after fooling around with the techniques I got the hang of it. It took some patients on my part to wait for the techniques to work. I must say I emailed Chris Rempel so many times in a 2 week period. He told me to be patient as I was becoming skeptic about this ranking loophole.

I held my wits and waited about the third week into trying this technique I started to see some results, It wasn't the first page ranking I was expecting but I was ranking on the second page of MSN. I was told that after about 6 weeks I'll be on the first page given I continue to work at it.

Even though is technique required me to build a network blog. They provided me with an alternative guide to rank money sites in MSN quickly - without building a blog network. This was perfect as I was on a low budget.

I'm slowly building money sites for MSN and I'm making steady progress. Profits are turning over and that's the upside. I guess I'll soon be able to make money on autopilot.

I was able to effectively exploit MSN ranking algorithms. I'll say its not black hat as your providing valuable content while at the same time making a profit.

My Website is steadily holding its ranking with this 5 step technique that is easy to impliment.

It's not a lazy persons guide, but it worked for me..

Chris Rempel and Dave Kelly keeps you posted on new methods to out rank your competitors, while they struggle and envy you. You do not need to be an Seo Expert, neither did I, this 20 page blueprint shows you just how to rank in top positions on MSN.


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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Google Annihilation Review

The ever popular and well known Rob Benwell, as done it again. Rob Benwell is well know for his Blogging To The Bank Series and is a very successful underground marketer or blogger.

So of recently Rob came out with Google Annihilation and it's a software that claims to be able to drive thousads of visitors to your website giving you high rankings on google.

So I decided to test Rob Benwell's newly designed software as I had success with is previous products before, If I trust anyone I would trust Rob. So without hesitation I bought Google Annihilation and set it to work.

It's a very simple and straight forward software no complexity or fluff to it just plian simple. I signed up as a pluged my websites information into the software. I then clicked the submit software and left the software to do its work. As stipulatd in is sales copy it would take about a week to start seeing results.

I sat back and patiently waited. I struggled with the same thing that you are,and that's how to get thousands of traffic to my website for free. I've had sporadic trffic to my websites before, but have never had much success to drive traffic to my website.

On day three I typed my website url in google to see if there were any links to my website and viola, what do you know I generated quality links to my website all on autopilot. To be specific 9 links in 3 days and counting. The operation of Google Annihilation is to build quality links naturally, which prevents any type of supicion, and prevent you from being penalized by Google.

This software seemed safe, and I'm yet to see any negative side effects as a result of using Google Annihilation.

One of my concern was that wouldn't this become over used and ineffective after some time; but Rob reassured me that this would never happen. There is far too many niches out there for any one niche to become overcrowded.

Further more Rob is only allow this software to be available for a very short time before he closes the curtains...If You scroll to the bottom of his sales page you'll see this very time sensitive information.

I did have a few draw backs with Google Annihilation, these being:

1. I had a few run-ins with being able to log in. This was however quickly resolved by the Google Annihilation Team.

2. I had to wait patiently to see if his software actually worked,however I got my answer in 3 days.

3. Too Many people may grab this software, but I was reassured that the curtains will close soon.

There is a loophole to get thousands of traffic to your website...

I'm Sure that you must be tired of the SEO lies you've been told. Do this and do that only to leave in disappointment, with no results.

There is A Fool Proof Method To Get 2.1 million vistors to your website...


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Marketing Bully Review

What Makes Marketing Bully or Affiliate Bully 144 by Andre Chaperon by any means different from any marketing products you have ever bought before.

Well he says that is course is not for crybabies and that you should find somewhere else to go with your whinning. He also claims that he can have you making money if you apply is foolproof course.

Well lets see if thats true. So I bought his ebook and sat back before my computer and read Andre Chaperon 42 page ebook. There were step by step instructions that he required you to take action with right away. He literrally takes you by the hand and explains how to effectively become a successful marketer.

This course breaks it down and shows you how to take a market that you literally know nothing about and make huge profits from it. How does he suggest you do this, Well he decide to do this live infront of 144 people ( thus the name Affiliate Bully 144). There was no way out if he totally flunked at doing it. What a laugh they would have...

So even better I decided to take action and implimeted what was in this easy to apply marketing course. I scrolled through the clickbank market place and found a product that looked promising ( one that had a great sales copy and that was on the rise in the market place). I made sure I knew everthing about the product I was promoting and covered all the key points of the product both the positives and negatives. There is nothing more important than using the product that you choose to promote before recommending it.

After choosing my product I followed instructions and created a very convincing and hypnotic sales copy that, was sure to convince any undecided prospects. This is the key and taking a day to create this sales copy is well worth it, as instructed I didn't want any of my traffic going to waste.

So day 1 passed and my website was ready to go. Just a few more things to do before I went live. I did a research on my potential buyers. This was important as I need to know some valuable information about them. This included, age, what these prospects are looking for, there finacial status and such like. I made sure I did all my detective work, as this paid off big time.

Marketing Bully Put's It This Way You Need To:

1. Learn How Know The Product Your Promoting(don't skipp this it's very important).
2. Learn How To Do The Necessary Detective Work To Maximize Your Profits..
3. Know How To Create A Strong Sales Copy, Article to maximize you conversions.

So I launched on day 2 and with my targeted keywords and targeted vistors. Needless to say they were hungry for what I had to offer, I did it right; I finally understood how to get xtreme conversions, without wasting my time and efforts.

There was however a down side to Andre Chaperon's Marketing Bully. It didn't give much affiliate websites that you can go to to find products to promote. It did list clickbank but that was about it. But there are many different affiliate website you could join. I will however say though that clickbank is a great place to start, they have never missed a payment and is quite easy to use.

I'm sure that what you're looking for his how you can get in on this million dollar business.....Well

Here It Is...


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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Internet Wealth Review

It's another Ewen Chia make money online product and this one is called Ewen Chia's Internet Wealth. Ever so often new internet marketing products appear on the seen and under delivers. But is Internet Wealth by Ewen Chia any different.

The Internet Wealth Course by Ewen Chia is a 100 page ebook that provides you with step by step instructions on how to become a effective and successful affiliate or internet marketer. In all honesty putting everthing in this report will have you on your way to real success.

What I like about his approach is that Ewen Chia explains what to avoid before he tells you how to go about molding yourself into an elite affiliate.

As explained in the Internet Wealth Course A Lack Of Focus is the number one reason why new online marketers fail. The truth is many waste too much time trying to use every new product and method that appears on the seen.

This course teaches you how to be a disciplined marketer. It's not a get rich quick product as all get rich quick products are scams. But it is a properly structured course that delivers... Ewen Chia Speaks of The Three Important P's of Business, this is and should be the basis and foundation of all business. You can't afford to miss out on these 3 P's of Business.

The 3 P system is not a complicated principle, however the simplicity of it all should not be taken lightly. You are given the tools to impliment this system and put it into full action. Internet Marketing is no childs game, and I'm not saying that to scare you away but it's a business and must be treated that way.

Weather you are new to internet marketing or you have some experience, you must what to provide to people inorder to be successful. If anyone is worth following, it's Ewen Chia, he is well know and not only that but he is one of the most successful Internet Marketers there is and is advice and techniques are well worth following.

What better way to learn and become successful than to follow in the foot steps of someone that knows exactly what to do and how to do it.

Ewen makes it very easy to understand and provides you with a 7 day plan to of how to execute your Internet Marketing endeavors without failure. Be among the elite that are succesful with Internet Marketing.

Your Journey as began learn from the best how to build an Internet Marketing Empire.


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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Confessions Of A Lazy Super Affiliate

I bought Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate also know as the Lazy Super Affiliate. I wanted to see what methods a lazy super affiliate uses to make money online.

I must admit this ebook had a very strong sales page, but even better was the information and methods that it provided. Would I say that the methods expressed in Confessions of a lazy super affiliate lazy is lazy? lets see.

This 62 page ebook by Chris Rempel handles a lot. It provides fool proof methods to easily and effectively make money online. So what does lazy super affiliate have to offer.

The methods and techniques expressed in this ebook is about how to use mini sites to make massive profits. Why should this work? Well it very easy, making a 20 page mini site takes 2 days at most depending on your work ethics and knowledge of affiliate marketing.

What does it take? Simple writing skills, and finding the right products to promote. This is very critical to your success as a lazy affiliate, promoting the wrong product can turn out to be dissapointing, when you've done all that hard work and see or get very little or no results.

Remember your reason for doing affiliate marketing is to make money. But you must be very careful of how you promote to your visitors. You don't want to seem to be coercing anyone into a decission, but you want to seem more helpful to that person.

One of the things I like about confesstions of a lazy super affiliate is the fact that, on its sales page Chris Rempel makes a very important point, you can see is exact claim right after the blue writing "How I Actually Do This" Click Here To See. The Thing is this is not just some eroneous claim, but he actually delivers on that claim that he made.

I compare what the sales page claims to what these digital products provide. Which is what counts as ever too often these products are hyped up and delivers nothing.

If You look at Part 3 of his sales page you'd ( this is one of the main reasons I bought this ebook) find something that is very critical and is a must have to make it as an affiliate online. Without this your heading nowhere as an affiliate.

You often hear how important it is to have a list and that the money is in the list. Well Chris will show you that having a list is not relevant to being a successful affiliate. Having a list has it's place in affiliate marketing, but you'll realize why it's not important to make money online. Chris explain this very well.

Click Here To See Why If You Screw This One Up Your On A Fast Track To PovertyVille.


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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Secret Affiliate Weapon Review

Ewen Chia's Secret Affiliate Weapon, membership site goes for a low $9.95. But what I'm concerned about is the quality of the product. Does Secret Affiliate Weapon provide you with the keys to succeed as an affiliate marketer?

Secret Affiliate Weapon introduces you to affiliate marketing and explains in very simple terms, what affiliate marketing is all about. You may be looking for some tips to help develop your affiliate marketing skills. You probably are a struggling affiliate looking for a way out. Well I must say that being an affiliate marketer is rather difficult.

I'm not saying this to deter you from persuing being a succesful affiliate markter, but if it is your decision that this is what you want to do then you must, and I repeat must take it seriously. Your mindset and approach must be that this is something that you are going to work at and not a get rich quick mentality.

99 percent of newbie affiliates fail for the simple fact that they are looking to get rich overnight. Ewen Chia is a well know affiliate and his courses are no game. Secret Affiliate Weapon gives cold hard facts of what it takes to become a successful affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing takes planning and requires your dedication as with any other business. Here are a few cold hard facts...

1. Keep your full time or part time Job.
2. Choose 1 or 2 affiliate programs from a tightly focused niche when starting out.
3. Visualize Success
4. Expect to make mistakes and be aware that you'll even end up with losses. However
learn from yoour mistakes.
5. Affiliate Marketing Is very competitive and ever changing, you must be willing to
learn new tactics and follow trends.
6. You need to have a strong foundation and fundamentals, this is inevitable if you
wish to be successful.(Secret Affiliate Weapon can help with this).

In Secret Affiliate Weapon, Ewen Chia covers the 4 essential tools needed to be successful as an affiliate marketer. You may have seen or heard of these time and time again, but they are very critical.

Domain Name and Hosting
Basic HTML Knowledge
Professional Auto-Responders
Link Tracking And Testing

These may seem rather straightforward and maybe too simple to be true, but run around the Internet and I guarantee that you'll find the same thing over and over again. Be focused stop trying too many things all at once. In reality would you try to open several stores, not knowing if it will be profitable. I don't think so. So why try several things all at once as an affiliate marketer. Focus is a Key element.

So what makes Secret Affiliate Weapon any different, Ewen Chia is an expert at what he does and that qualifies him to give advice. In is membership site, you have access to his secret blog and step-by-step instructions that takes you by the hand and give you the tools to be successful.

If a strong foundation is what you need and you are really looking for ways to be successful as an affiliate then, Secret Affiliate Weapon is loaded with great tips and instructions at your fingertips to make you successful.

This membership site as a 56 page manual that addresses the important things that you really need, no hype. The reality is many guru's promise and tell you what you want to hear. That you'll be rich no time. But Ewen Chia is an honest affiliate that doesn't hide anything from the people he takes under is wings. He doesn't promise you wealth overnight, but that if you follow is lead in is membership site you will become successful, given you take the initiative.

You Could Visit Secret Affiliate Weapon By Clicking Here!


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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nasty Dirty Money Review

Can Nasty Dirty Money Make You Any Money?

Or Is It Just A SCAM?

Well lets get right into it. The Owner of this Money Making ebook goes by the name Nasty D. sounds like a street name to me. But I'm not here to assasinate anyones character, I'm only here to give an honest review.

Nasty Dirty Money comes with 9 different courses namely:

Power Affiliate Marketing Secrets
Nasty Article Secrets
Nasty Ebook Secrets
Nasty Traffic Secrets
Dirty Advertising Secrets
Dirty Fundamentals
Dirty Hypnotic Words
Dirty Information Riches...
Dirty Way of Selling

Each course is tied in together yet has sytems that operate independently from each other. The first course of Nasty Dirty Money which is Power Affiliate Marketing Secrets, provides you with basic information that any affiliate or Internet Marketer will tell you is critical to being successful online.

This covers the importance of email marketing and why it is important to have a list. I'm sure you've heard it many time the money is in the list. It sound very simple but email marketing is a very lucrative business. Did Nasty Dirty Money do a good job of demonstrating how to go about doing email marketing. Well it covers both the free and the paid methods of how to begin capturing your customers email address. You'll learn how to build everthing from scratch. From designing your website, to making it into an email capturing machine, literally forcing people to freely give you their email list.

Now what's important is not the quantity of emails you have, but you need to have a very responsive email list. This first course teaches you how to determine and ensure that you have a highly responsive list and weeding out the bad emails (which would have otherwise just waste your time).

I developed a few ideas from this ebook, of how to create simple opt-in pages that converts at a very high rate. If email marketing is the center of your business, an it should be then caputring and funneling visitor's email address is crucial to the purpose of your website. Email capture is so profiting, that even big companies are doing it, major retail companies are getting there customers email address as they know the profitablility of being able to market to customers over and over again.

Also of great importance and which is looked at in details in Nasty Dirty Money, is the fact that if you are serious about making money online then it's ineveitable that you have a domain. Sure there are free ways to make money, but real money is made when you take things as serious as if your running a physical company. Approaching your venture this way will ensure that you're dedicated to making it work.

So pointers, making all the effort to caputre your visitors email address as this will become a driving force in your business. And 2 you must have a domain. This is what will separate the big dogs from the players. So be serious about your make money venture, put all your efforts into it like it's a physical business. Any other approach will result in absolute failure.

The second module of Nasty Dirty Money is Nasty Article Secrets. I'm sure you have heard of article marketing and how effective it is. Needless to say Article Marketing is a great way to start building an empire online and letting your presence be felt. In this second module there are really no secrets mentioned, just cold hard facts of how to approach article marketing and how to use it effectively.

In fact my very first commission online was done through article marketing, that was about 3 years ago, you could just imagine the joy I felt seeing those money in my account. The better part was getting paid. So you may think article marketing is dead or useless, but I implore you not to under-estimate the power of article marketing. The ebook also teaches you how to use short interesting article to lead readers to your capture or squeeze page.

So module 2 was interesting and very informative, but it there weren't any secret methods.

Next on the list Nasty ebook Secrets- there are some tips here that I'm sure actually works and can create a viral effect, but take much more work. However Nasty D. provides a very simple means to making ebooks and giving it away for free, which is the important part of all this.

You may be thinking wont this be time consuming, well not at all, your shown how to use simple articles you've written and make them into ebooks, that will create a viral effect for your business. Though it may seem pointless to do this,the thing is you're not writing a massive ebook only a small interesting ebook ( mini) that has interesting information you've already written. This is a very clever method.

You'd think that by the title of this ebook "Nasty Dirty Money" that there would be some unethical concepts or manipulative techniques, but the thing is they are all legitimate methods and does go against morality at all. The context in which the ebook is written is totally different from what the title would imply. However there are some good stuff entailed in it.

There is nothing really new about this ebook, but what it lacks in newness it makes up for in quality. Certainly not a 10/10 but the information was well put together and was, which made it easy to understand and impliment. Therfore prevent you from being confused by having a information over-load.

The Dirty Hypnotic Words and Dirty Way of Selling is powerful when put together. The thing is online your not speaking to your potential customers face to face and this as its advatages and disadvatages, but your success highly depends on how good a sales person you can be to the other person at the other end of another PC monitor, weather a Yard or a thousand miles aways.

Learning how to become an effective sales person is also important to making good sales copy or just writing plain articles that attract buyers.

So it's by no means dirty ways to make money, but legitimate, hard facts of how to go about making money online.

You Could Visit Nasty Dirty Money By Clicking Here!


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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Automated Cash Formula Review

I know your biggest concern is weather or not Automated Cash Formula Really Works. I'm here to help you determine if Automated Cash Formula is right for you. So what does Automated Cash Formula really do.

Firstly this is not a automatic software system, if that's what your looking for then this is not it. Automated Cash Formula actually gives you information to establish a cash flow that becomes a steady stream of cash flow.

So How Does It Work?

Dave Gale has made is system totally easy to understand. Dave started off with introducing You to affiliate marketing and not just simple affiliate marketing but another level of it that has been untapped. The affiliate marketing that Dave introduces, is a very effective cash pulling technique, that's easy to impliment as 123.

The plan set-forth in Automated Cash Formula is incredibly easy. And When Dave said you need no websites he was absoulutely serious about it. The Methods expressed in this 89 page ebook is no fluff, Dave Gale Actually gives you exactly what's needed to make money online.

As expressed in the Automated Cash Formula System, there are 10 necessary steps to achieve automated cash flow and make money online. Now this is not a get rich quick course, where your told that you'll make millions and become a millionaire. But Automated cash Formula puts A possible $500 per day cash flow.

The Automated Cash Formula has 2 optional steps that are not necessary in the 10 step technique, but are a further source of income that you'd want to exploit. I'll have you know from the start that nothing in this course is technical or hard to understand and is created in the simplest form equipting you with only what you need to make money!

Ok enough with the talk time for proof. So after buying the automated cash formula I implimented the 10 steps outline, and I launched a campaign without a website.

It's Not Much But here are the results:

This Is A Clickbank Account That I Set Up For Free As Instructed In The Course.

Sat Jan 10 $0.00
Fri Jan 09 $17.98
Thu Jan 08 $0.00
Wed Jan 07 $34.33
Tue Jan 06 $0.00
Mon Jan 05 $26.30
Sun Jan 04 $16.56
Sat Jan 03 $0.00
Fri Jan 02 $0.00
Thu Jan 01 $0.00

That's one campaign and I made $95.17 all with no website and just about and hour and half worth of work. Not bad for starters!

My verdict Automated cash formula does posses the ability to earn you money. What I look for in any make money product that I review is weather or not it is able to allow you to make money and just how easy it is to do so.

With Automated Cash Formula You Can Make Money To Help With A few bills, but if your really dedicated to the system then $500.00 a day is reachable.

And oh, before I forget; the techniques in the Automated Cash Formula is highly untapped and can be highly profitable to make money online...

You Could Visit Automated Cash Formula By Clicking Here!
Thank You For Reading

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Turbulence Training Review

I'm sure your in search of a workout program that works, it can be very difficult finding one that suits your need. However there is hope if you have the mind set to achieve weight loss success.

Simple yet very inportant is you'll need to change your mind set its current state of procrastination. All delays to change your life must be put out the door to even attempt to lose weight. So What does Turbulence Training have to offer.

The first thing you need to recognozie is Tread mills and all those Gym equipment don't work. They are not made to help you lose body fat, but rather to burn a lot of energy and achieve very little.

Turbulence Training is scientifically proven to work, and is endorsed by elite trainers and top fitness magazines and as been used by thousands to burn fat and improve their health and physical conditions.

Craig Ballantyne as been featured in countless articles and magazines such as Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Oxygen, MaximumFitness, and Muscle and Fitness Hers. Turbulence Training as proven to have a very high success rate as the exercises that Craig as developed, is not overbearing and does not over exhaust your body. The Exercises are actually targeted at burning body fat and not wasting evergy to do so.

Turbulence Training is effective for the simple fact that it was designed to help the average person get a very high fat burning workout without letting you use a lot of time or do exhaustive workouts.

For the first 4 week you'll be doing basic exercise that will accelerate your weight loss and prevent you from reaching a platuea with your goal for losing weight. You won't be exercising every day of the week that would be too strenuous on you body. In fact you will have rest periods that allows you to feel and see the difference that you have achieved.

I like the fact that Craig's weight loss program is designed for begginers as well as intermidiate and advanced individuals. This is what many weight loss guides lack as they, have begginers start out at the wrong level and that only sets you up for failure. With the Turbulence Training Guide you will steadily and effectively lose body fat the way it was meant to happen. You must remember you didn't gain all that weight in one day or a week so don't expect it to dissapear in the twinkling of an eye.

The highly targeted performance workouts, will definately allow you to attain success, feeling better, looking better and having that body you've been longing for. With Turbulence Training it requires you to dedicate yourself to stick with the workouts, that will take some work on your part. But if you allow yourself to stick withg this workout guide then you'll be amazed at your results.

Achieve a great body is possible and Turbulence Training is exactly what could help you achieve this...

You Could Vist Turbulence Training By Clicking Here>>>

Cheers to Your Success,

Your Review Expert
Andre McFarquhar

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

Hats off to Michael D. Geary (Mike Geary), I believe this is a job well done and an eye opening program he has put together. Contrary to popular belief sit ups or Abs workout is absolutely not necessary to achieve 6 pack abs of get into great body shape.

In fact the Truth About Six Pack Abs manual effectively demonstrates why it is not necessary to do Ab workout in order to get 6 pack abs. Through research and the help of this book I've learnt that my focus should not be on trying to develop rock hard abs but to achieve losing body fat around the belly, better yet losing body fat in its entirety is the keep to success.

Mike gives you the tools necessary to achieve this, its a no nonsense manual that takes the average person from flabs to abs. It A 149 page detailed book, which explains everything you need to know in order to attain success. From changing your eating habits to 7 different levels of well researched foolproof workouts that will get you in shape in time to save yourself.

It is made very clear that a re-dedication to changing your life style is important. It is impossible to achieve any form of weight loss success, if you continue to feed your body on the same junk. You just wont attain much if any success doing so.

Michael also mentions the 2 most deadliest food to avoid at all cost. Its sitting right there in your kitchen and you don't even know its what making you fat and unable to lose weight. What You really need to understand is that before you try to have visible muscle you must lose body fat. Strenuous exercise does not help with helping you to lose body fat, sure it as you working up a sweat but it does not burn body fat, you are only working yourself to death only to realize what you are doing is not working.

Intense cardio exercise does not help at all, this goes against popular belief but it is actually true, do you always wonder why when your on those machines in the gym after losing a few pounds you hit rock bottom. Well sorry to say but they just don't work sure you'll reap little success but you will get to that point where you have reached a barrier.

The good thing about Truth About Six Pack Abs is that it is not just targeted to men, but that it is very much so targeted to women as well. Women don't need hard rock abs, but I'm sure that little pooh is bothering you a whole lot well Mike as the solution to all that.

Things to bear in mind is that with this highly successful workout program you don't need any type of equipment, you don't need to join a gym and that means you can achieve your set goals without spending any extra money.

Listed also are several Bad Exercises You Need To Aviod, I'll list them below for you safety last thing you want to do is hurt yourself. Here they are:

• Lying straight-legged leg raises (first 45° off of floor, one leg at a time or both)
• Hanging leg raises with an arched back
• Sit-ups with feet supported
• Straight legged sit-ups
• Any machine-based ab exercise
• Any machine-based twisting exercise
• Torso twists (they provide no resistance, nor burn many calories)

In essence this manual was well thought out and not only that over delivers, there are actually 7 other bonuses and even a surprise bonus all crammed into this offer.

These bonuses include ebooks(which you probably don't need, as the manual is good enough):

1. 8 week Body weight Fusion Fat Loss Program
2. Stability Ball Killer Abs Workout ebook
3. Ultimate Staircase Exercises
4. Smoothies For Athletes ebook
5. Skyrocket Your Fat Loss Success
6. 10 Minute Full Body Strengthening Routine
7. Free 30-day Exclusive Global Health & Fitness Membership

At the time I bought Truth About Six Pack Abs they were offering a 21 day $4.95, trial offer. I'm happy I got that deal, but this seems like a very limited time offer.

In conclusion if losing weight and having a great body is what your looking for Truth About Six Pack Abs I highly recommend..

You Could Visit Truth About Six Pack Abs By Clicking Here >>>
Click Here To See If That $4.95 Offer Is Still...

Your Review Expert
Andre McFarquhar

Forex Profit Code Review

It's my day off from my regular 9-5 job and I decided to do another review of another hot selling online Forex trading software. To be specific I'm speaking of Forex Profit Code.

I must hand it to these guys, Robert Myers did a pretty good job at making a wonderful sales copy, cause to be frank thats all there is to what this sorftware has to offer. The sales copy claims no experience need, and that you can have this downloaded and running in 1 minute and 30 seconds. I'd say more like 1 and a Half day.

I bought this forex Profit code system to challenge its claims of being able to let you make money trading currency. I had problems from the beginning. First he askes you to download the pdf and read them. There were three ebooks along with the software, they had the following pages in them one had 14 pages, the other had 12 and the last one had 48 pages.

To put things into perspective, all three ebooks made absolutely no sense to me. I dont know weather or not it's my lack of knowledge of forex trading but it all seemed like a load of confusing crap to me. How are you going to claim no experience need and yet your manual doesn't make it any easier for a non-experienced person like myself to understand anything further.

The other dissatisfaction that I had was I was given a link to download Meta Trader 4 as this is the trading sytem that the Forex Profit code is able to work with. So trying to make good of the money I spent I tried to look on the bright side, I download this trading system but it was a demo. I couldn't find where to change it from a demo to a live trade, it was just rediculous.

The Forex indicator code that they explained should be installed and used when trading also gave trouble to use. I downloaded the stupid, excuse my tone, indicator in the folder they instructed me to put it in and tried to drag and drop the indicator on the trading graph and what do you know this would do nothing like they said. I just don't get it maybe I did something wrong.

I uninstalled and did it again, this time it worked but for me it was too late, the caption poped up as they said quote "this indicator is working properly" like I would know if it is. It did give some buy and sell signals but I couldn't find where to place a darn trade. I spent hours trying to figure out how to funtion the trading system but to no success. Time is money for me and this was just taking too much time.

To Robert Myers I would say get your stuff right, your Forex Profit Code is a bunch of crap, and I'm not just bashing is product because I'm angry, but I honestly did not get anything this program promised. So much for spending $49.95 on a crappy product :( fortunately for me clickbank offers 100% Money Back Guarantee. So I requested my refund :).

I guess you'll be mad when and if you see this review Robert Myers, if that's even your real name. But I just had to spill the beans on this one.

Word Is there is a better Forex Trading Robot that many are satisfied with, I suggest If your thinking about Forex Auto Trade then spend your money on something that's worth it and proven to work.

To Learn How To Be Successful With Forex Trading Click Here!!


Your Review Expert
Andre McFarquhar

Monday, January 5, 2009

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review

So What's Up With the Fat Loss For Idiots System Does It Deliver As Promised lets find out...

The Fat Loss 4 Idiots comes in two parts, the Diet Handbook and the Diet Generator. This provides you with two weight loss choices, this is essentially as each program is designed based on how much weight it is you need to lose. The Handbook provides you with 10 Rules of weight loss. These rules are very simple and your success in losing weight all depends on how well you adhere to these 10 rules.

So forget everthing you were thought about streneous excercise, or excercise period, forget about starving yourself and don't be fooled by what main stream Media tells you about weight loss. They just go with what is popular. Learn why heavy excercise including, sit-ups, jogging, and heavy weight lifting does not help at all.

Rule #1 - Manipulating Calories

Manipulating the type of calories that enters your body is important.The first thing that is important is to learn the 3 types of calories, these are Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats. You are then given a list of foods to learn:

Protein Foods

Lean Roast Beef
Cottage Cheese (low fat)
Eggs (scrambled, hard-boiled)
Broiled Flounder (non breaded)

Carb Foods

Bread (should be "oat" or "bran" type bread
Mixed Vegetables (fresh or frozen)
Fresh Apples

The above list is just a sample of some of the foods you'll need to learn.

So I used the Diet Generator to see what kind of meals it would recommend I eat for the 11 plan and this is what came up for the first day I excluded the other 10 days for obvious reasons.

This Meal plan was generated as a result of chosing 7-15 foods from each side of two columns that you simple check which foods it is you love to eat, you then simply submit these food and your 11 day meal plan is generated for you. You can change up the foods by simply chosing different foods and submitting it and you have a totally new menu...

I liked this feature as it takes the guess work out of the kind of means you can have and what to prepare for your four meal course each day. This feature I beleive really makes this weight loss program work...

Rule #2 - Eat 4 Meals Per Day

This is important as the body doesn't pay attention to daily calories it pays attention to calories per meal. This is where you advantage of eating 4 times per day comes in.

Rule #3 - Prepare Your Meals At Home

This is a very simple and straight forward rule but is very important and critical to your success.

Rule #4 - Rotation Of Foods

With this rule inorder for you to lose weight you just need to rotate the protein and carb foods each day according to a schedule. At this point you are given detailed meal examples to help you along, but this is not the main 11 day diet it is the secondary diet plan.

Rule # 5 - Plain Is Better

As it is known condiments are loaded with carbohydrates which your body readily turns into fat tissues, and it is important that you avoid this as much as possible.

Rule # 6 - Knowing When To Stop

This is very powerful and is very easy to follow. Many ask the question when is the right time ro stop eating. It's simple Stop eating before you are satisfied. You receive more details on how to accomplish this in the Diet Handbook.

Rule # 7 - Beverages

You'll like this the things you think that are actually healthy aren't the helathy ones that's all I can say.

Rule # 8 - Drinking Water To Burn Fat

How simple can this be. You will learn how to use water to accelerate your weight loss. This is a very effective rule that must be kept in the 10 rules to weight loss.

Rule # 9 - Walking

Rule # 10 - Stop Looking For Fat Free Foods

This may sound contrary but even if a food is fat free it can still make you fat. Learn the foods that you really need to avoid, stop wasting your time looking for fat free foods.

Following These 10 Weight Loss Rules, the Handbook provides great information on why

Sit-Ups Are A Waste Of Time
Why Never To Do Intense Excercise

Why Low Carbs Don't Work -
I believe this is one very important aspect that you need to be aware of.

Other Very help information are provided in this 45 page Handbook. Including the Top 10 Foods To Avoid. This is a must have list.

That's only the Secondary Diet Plan so remember that there is the 11 day accelerated Diet Plan.

Here is a One Day meal generated from my Diet Generator.

DAY #1

Meal #1:

For Meal #1 you may eat any combination of the below foods that you wish (you may eat all or just 1 of the below foods, it's up to you).

*There are NO LIMITS ON PORTIONS (you get to choose how much to eat ---- but please remember that you must eat portions small enough so that you never feel "full", that's the only rule).

Scrambled Eggs

Meal #2:

Regular Cheese Slices

Meal #3:

Roast Beef Slices
Delicious Shrimp
Fresh Grapefruit

Meal #4:

Turkey Slices
Cottage Cheese
Bowl of Green and Red Vegetables

Food prep instructions are given at the end of the 11 day meal plan.

I do belive that this Diet Secret Will accomplish what it claims in its sales copy. Even though it takes you through several pages before you purcahse the product, it was well work it.

If You or Someone You Know Needs Help Losing Weight, Then This Could Be A Very Helpful Weight Loss Program To Have.

You Could Visit Fat Loss 4 Idiots By Clicking Here>>>

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Xbox 360 3 Red Light Repair Guide Review

I'll have you know right off the bat that I don't own a Xbox 360. At least not anymore. I use to be a game addict until I reached my late teens then other priorities took over. But I bought the Xbox 360 3 Red Light Repair Guide to see if delivers on what it claims and if the manual is easy to follow and apply.
Ok so I purchased with the 5 dollar discount that they had to offer and so I paid $24.95 for the guide. There are two aspects to this guide, the ebook is a 10 page and a 8 page guide written in simple steps and instructions. the first guide explains how to dissasembly your Xbox 360 from start to finish. It has diagrams which allows you to identify what the guide is instructing you to do. I thought that was good.

The first guide list a total of 14 steps to dissasemble and repair your Xbox, you are given a list of tools that are necessary inorder to do this. No need to worry its just tools you already have around the house, you won't be going out to buy any expensive tools you can't afford.

The guide illustrates how to get into the interior of your Xbox 360 and do the necessary repair. This includes removing the white airflow guide, disconnecting the power for the cooling fans. it then goes into further details of how to remove the x connectors these are what hold the heat sink on the CPU and GPU. This will allow you to be able to remove the thermal compound.

After removal of the CPU and GPU you are told what to do in order not to damage the motherboard while fixing your Xbox 360. These are very simple and easy to follow instructions and if following the diagrams and the intructions become a bit confusing then there are the videos which will clarify anything that you dont understand.

There are three videos all of which are rather helpful, but would have been even better if there was some narration as to what he was doing at each point of the video. However the videos are very clear and this allows you to see exactly what you need to do to fix you Xbox 360.
After following the guide your Xbox should ready to run and the three red light error most likely will not happen again. It is advised that the you play you Xbox 360 on low settings for about 20 days so that the work that you did on it can cure properly.

The reason why this problem occurs is when microsoft was designing the Xbox 360 they chose a very unusual way of mounting the heat sinks to the processor.When the console is running a lot of heat builds up and this inturn cases the motherboard to flex against the x-clamp support plastic which causes the soldering to come away from the motherboard itself. Thus this results the in the Red lights of Death.

The modification in this manual alleviates board flexing and applies uniform pressure to the processor. the uniform pressure is enough to correct the faulty joints in a working console. This also allows the heat sinks to perform better in preventing a heat build up.

All in all you could fix your Xbox 360 yourself instead of sending it for repairs.

You could Visit Xbox 360 Red Light Repair Guide By Clicking Here>>

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Make Money Taking Surveys Review

Lets see if I can get this right. When you go to the sales page of make money taking, hit the back browser button, after which a prompt is going to pop up to get it for a discount offer of $17.00. At this point hit the cancel button. That's much cheaper than the original cost, but don't stop there I'll have you get in for just $7.00. All you have to do is attempt to close the window at this point another prompt will pop up and and that's when you hit the cancel button once again and there you go only $7.00.

You could try it by visiting make money taking surveys here>>>

However I'm here to give a review so lets get into it. Well as always these Internet marketers always try to up sell you after intially claiming to let you in the door. What I dislike so much about this is they always claim that their products can do so much and make you so much money, yet they always try to up-sell for something that will help you make a lot more. I just don't get it.

So what happens after your initial purchase is the make money taking survey team offers you 7 of the Internets hottest Make money products for $67.00. I declined this offer and they then cut it back to $27.00, seemed quite reasonable, but I wasn't interested at all. I declined once more, at this point I was getting irritated rather than tempted, they then offered to let me have those hot money making products for $17.00. well it was't of any use to me I was more interested in what the survey site had to offer, that was it nothing else.

Michelle McAllister, then introduces herself and promises to teach you and show you everything that Trish as taught her and everything that she's learned over her 3 years of doing this. You are then brought to the first steps that are necessary to taking surveys online.

These include:

Setting email addresses just for taking surveys.

She also recommendeds downloading and getting familiar with Roboform a free software, which is to help you complete surveys much quicker.

The third step explains that your success with make money taking surveys will primarily depend on:

1)The number of market research companies that you register with
2)Your "profile" which determines the number and type of invitations you get
3)The amount of time you spend participating in surveys, focus groups, etc.
4)How lucky you are when it comes to drawings, raffles, and sweepstakes

You are then given a few important reminders of what you should and should not do.

Straight away you are taken to the huge survey database, which has 120 companies which you can sign up with, yes its free to join these compainies, but I don't know if I could manage doing surveys for so many companies. I guess that's why its suggested that you download the roboform.

Some of these survey sites include:

Send Earnings
Neilson Net Panel
Lightspeed Research
Valued Opinions
Clear Voice Surveys Etc.

There are also 60 paid emails websites, 90 paid to shop websites and 2 paid to drive car websites. Thats a total of 272 websites, quite a lot if you asked me. I believe that this is for someone who has absolutely very little to do all day, for me it's a waste of my time, but if time is what you have on your hands I guess you can be helful in helping these companies in decide on good ideas for new products.

Taking surveys is a helpful industry so doing surveys you would be making some good contibution to high class companies. Only you just don't get a big cut of the pie.

As a memember of make money taking surveys, there are bonuses that you receive these include Photo wealth System- which is a 100 page ebook, and Write At Home System which is a 80 page ebook.

However the Extras and the Platinum package is loaded with affiliate links, so the purchase of any of these programs, even though it may be helpful will put money in their pockets. So be careful when clicking on any of those links they are all afiiliate links.

My judgement, making money taking surveys is possible but requires a lot of work, don't expect to get rich just joining 20 survey compainies. In my conclusion, it's hard work as everything else in life is. Don't expect anything to be on autopilot. At least not with taking surveys.

If you are someone, who is interested in taking surveys then this could be a good place to start. But only if that's your interest.

You Could Visit Make Money Taking Surveys By Clicking Here>>>

With Clickbank Refund Is Always 100% Guaranteed...

The Rich Jerk Review

I was searching through my drawer for some paper work yesterday, and I ran into my hard copy of The Rich Jerk, I picked it up looked at it and smiled :).I thought why not write a review of this old obnoxious guy (the rich jerk). I remember when I first saw this website, my curiousity peeked and I just had to have that ebook. Well that was approximately 2 years ago.

At the time I was just a fledgling, didn't know anything about internet marketing. I did get some pretty good ideas from the ebook at the time, but I guessing that some of this information have got to be updated in is most recent copy.

I can't be sure how much I paid for this ebook, I think it was about $14.00 at the time. I'm guessing it should sell for around the same price just the same. So the table of Content in the ebook has 8 Chapters all covered in 60 pages.

Chapter 1 Creating an Affiliate Website that Sells like Crazy

A. Affiliate Networks
B. Sales Letters
C. Offering Rebates
D. Getting Paid Per Lead
E. Building Your Affiliate Website

Chapter 2 Unique Search Engine PPC Strategies that Kill the Competition

A. Pay-Per-Click
B. Google Adsense
C. Google Adwords
D. Building Your Own Traffic Middleman Website

Chapter 3 Search Engine Optimization Strategies (SEO)

A. Incoming Links
B. Page Content
C. Miscellaneous SEO strategies
D. Cloaking

Chapter 4 Selling Your Own Informational Product

A. Creating your Product
B. Building Your Website
C. Getting Affiliates to Promote Your Product
D. Emails
E. Legitimacy
F. Miscellaneous

Chapter 5 Buying and selling on eBay

Chapter 6 Websites you can Make Profitable Right Now

Chapter 7 Supplemental Info for Beginners

Chapter 8 Quality Products/Services I Highly Recommend

In Chapter 1 the rich jerk recommends some must join affiliate programs the top 4 being:

1.Clickbank- I can speak for this affiliate network its a really good network to join.
2. Commission Junction- The Top affiliate network for companies that sell physical products.
3. BeFree
4. LinkShare

Now the rich jerk advices that reviews are where the money and the big money is at. There is no hassle with dealing with physical products and its very simple to write a review on a product. I must agree with the rich jerk on that.

But there are five critical strategies to use when writing a sales letter. And In my opinion this works, but its all about how dedicated you are to making money online.

So these 5 aspects of a cash pulling sales letter include:

1. Creating Hope- this is based on the psychological aspect of humans as they are always searching for hope, people buy diets ebooks, how-to-gmable ebook, and many more things based on hope. A promise to make things better. Humans are curious and therefore creating that hope will fill that void; they are looking for that secret that will change their life forever. But I'll have you know that 75% of these people never put what they bought into use. So the rich jerk explains why invoking hope is a foundation of creating killer reviews or website.

2. Cause A Sense of Urgency- creating a sense of urgency and that if no action is taken may result in them missing out on something is very effective. You create what is called a impluse buy, in this instance they wont want to risk waiting and possibly missing out on the deal. So when you see things like "order by midnight an you'll receive $20 discount" or anything only the next 100 customer. Its a marketing ploy. Yet I will say these can be very effective if used the right way.

3. Appear As An Authority- You must appear to be an expert, but I say don't appear to be an expert be an expert on your subject. As an expert it pays not to be someone who is more helpful rather than someone that is trying to just make a buck. The heart of this technique is to an unbiased authority. You don't want people thinking you only have one ulterior motive.

4. Appear Unbiased- this is an extention of the 3 technique. Be an unbiased third party and just be helpful to people trying to make an informed decission. Your honesty pays off alot with this aspect of a killer website.

5. Encourage Fear- this aspect requires you instilling fear into your visitors, by making them believe that they will faqce problems ahead if they buy similar products elsewhere, or if they don't buy yours NOW. the rich jerk explains how to be catchy with fear and how to drive people to making that purchase.

6. Be Very Unsual (this is optional and is used to sell your own products)- this is really a reverse psychology technique and it's based on telling people Not to buy your product and to go and get the other lame products that don't work. this is a sneaky and probably in my opinion a unorthodox technique. My intergrity woudn't allow me to do this.

For me one satisfied customer is better than ten unsatisfied customer.

The ebook gives you an example of how to write a good sales copy or review using these 5 aspects. Even though he's a jerk he didn't leave you hanging.

I'll look at 2 other chapters in this ebook, not that the others could not be helpful, but I see more relevance in these 2 chapters rather than the rest. and besides I don't want to bore you with a rediculously long review.

Chapter 2 of this ebook deals with Pay-Per-Click with the two top choices being Google AdWords and Yahoo (formerly Overture). This aspect of the ebook deals with how to use Google Adwords to bid on keywords to get traffic to your website. I don't recommend this for the inexperienced, as Google AdWords is not o be played around with. Do'nt get me wrong if you can use Adwords effectively and not lose the shirt off your back then its all up to you. Paid Advertising can be very expensive and one must exercise caution when doing so.

Other things covered in the ebook include Google Adsense, which is where you join Google's network to display ads on your website. At this point you get paid for every click someone clicks on a ad on your website. I will not go into details as to what is dicussed in this ebook as, the techniques at this point are unethical. It's unfair to the paying advertisers to do this. So I'll not cover this apect in my review. This technique actually does work but I leave that to your better judgement, in making such a decission.

An Interesting part of this book that I came accross was the PPC ads that would increase your CTR (click through rate). This is a very clever technique and requires you being unique and distinct from your competitors.

For example.

Your Competitors Ad
Make Money Online
I make a 6 figure income
Find out how by clicking here

Your Ad
You Are Extremely Ugly
So am I. But I Am also Extremely Rich
Don't Be Ugly and Poor.

This does have some advantage to it, but ads like these you want to be very careful about.

The final chapter that I would like to review is Chapter 6 Websites You Can Make Profitable Right Now.

This chapter goes into how to use clickbank website to make huge profit. I know that clickbank can be a very profitable niche and building a business from clickbank, can make you thousands. The rich jerk, goes into details as to how to determine which products to promote and how to go about oing it cleverly. The one thing that I would advise is that if your not a clickbank affiliate, it pays to get involved.

This chapter covers important aspects of clickbank that you need to know about and how to build your empire online.

The rich jerk ebook was one on my very first ebooks, so I pay my respect, but I can't help but give an honest unbiased review. Hope my review enlightened you aas to what you were seeking to find out about the rich jerk.

You Could visit The Rich Jerk By Clicking Here>>>