Sunday, November 8, 2009

Perect Optimizer Review

Perfect Optimizer is by far the strongest competitor for Registry Easy, and without resevation I must say it exceeds my expectations and became my favourite new and best registry cleaner! If observe the ratings I gave Perfect Optimizer, it exceeds Registry Easy in every way.

With Regards to features, Perfect Optimizer is almost identical to Registry Easy, with features such as; 1-click maintenance, evidence cleaner,shortcut and junk file cleaner, system optimizer, ActiveX blocker, duplicate file finder, Internet and start up optimizer, and much more!

Take a look at how it performs in each category:

Error Detection

Perfect Optimizer actually found much more errors than Registry Easy. However, the result is dependent on the type of machine, but at least in found more errors than Registry Easy! With that regards I give it a 5/5!

Scan Efficiency

Decently quick and efficient to detecta large number of errors, this is another 5/5 rating! However, with comparison to Registry Easy, the scanned result layout is not as orderly categorized and easy to manage, in my opinion it will discourage manual exclusion of registry entries, which is a bit too much work.

Safe To Repair

Perfect Optimizer comes with back up before repairing, this is an excellent feature, which allows you to store valuable information or files away before cleaning. Any Cleaning Software you are looking to use must provide this feature it is very critical.

Additional Tools

This is by far the strongest part of Perfect Optimizer! It is equipped with spyware cleaner, file associate repair, disk defragmenting and worm blocker as opposed to Registry Easy, that big plus for Perfect Optimizer!

ActiveX Protection
This is important. My computer was infected by ActiveX twice,before I used Perect Optimer. So this makes it an even more excellent Computer Protector.

Deep Scan

Authentic Deep Scan provided. Need to get to those hard to reach places that Registry Easy cant get to!

Boost PC Speed

Helps to improve your systems performance. If you are experiencing, slowness or sluggish problems with your PC then, Perfect Optimizer is a right solution.

User Friendliness

The interface is clean and well put together. Easy navigation and easy to use.

Value VS Money

The Perfect Optimizer offers Value for Money! This is actually at a great price, considering the importantce of your PC.


Overall, I would recommend Perfect Optimizer over Registry Easy. The best registry cleaner for your computer, is the Perfect Optimizer – Highly recommended!


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