Friday, December 26, 2008

20 Day Persuasion Expert

Ok so I've just finished reading a gigantic 229 page ebook on how to be an expert persuader in less than 20 days. That's quite a claim. This book took 2 days to read through and there are still, things in this book that I haven't touched yet.

I would never openly recommend an ebook, but this is one that I am openenly recommending you get a hold of. Why? This book delivers on the button, it was well worth the $47.00 I paid for it.

The book is not about manipulating others and does not go against any code of ethics. Michael Lee did quite a job in crunching all the expert and valuable information and techniques in 20 chapters.

So what's really behind this ebook, I will provide you with a clear understanding of the power and the value of this book.

This book allows you to know how to become believable, but before you even get to that you must have the mind-set it takes to persuade anyone. There are basics that are essential to developing these skill. While you may not be an expert in 20 days, you'll be well on your way to developing unstoppable confidence, having people to love you effortlessly, while build your character for success. Wheather it be in the workplace, school, social or finacial life.

This book teaches you how to read the body language of an individual and know the right timing and factors needed to create beneficial situations for yourself and others.

Are you looking for a raise from your Job; learn how to know your boss and the priciples to getting him or her to give you a raise. This is no joke. It may be that you are trying to get someone to corporate with you, be it a subordinate or a superior, it is best at times to agree and get what you want later.

The most used, most powerful yet most misunderstood secret of all, the body language. Albert Mehrabian explasins communication occurs in the folloing forms, verbal- 7%, Through voice tone (verbal)- 38% and through body movements and gestures- 55%. Knowing the body language tips that are handy in the event of persuading anyone.

Here are some body gestures and movement that Suggest Interest

Some of the ways to find out if the people you're persuading are interested in
what you're saying or in your proposal are:

· They maintain eye contact more than 60% of the time. The more wideopened
the eyes are, the more interested they are.

· Head inclined forward or nodding.

· If they are nodding their head, they're agreeing with you. That means
they're attentive and listening.

· Feet are pointing towards you.

· They smile frequently.

Apply these steps also if you want to convey your interest.

There is much more provided in this 229 page ebook, while that many pages may seem like a lot to go through, you wont need to read through all the book to start on your endeavor to be a persuasion expert.

This book is good if you are one that lacks confidence, tends to be nervous, need to become a more successful person (personally, finacially, socially etc). Using this book can help you to explode your sales as a business man, as individual scenarios are provided to help you along.

Key areas of this book that I really enjoyed was The Magic Touch, how to get someone to do as you wish; it's like pushing a button. The Social Force of Herd Mentality- this is a very powerful technique and can be used to a great advantage. The principle of herd mentality is very simple yet very effective when used in the right way.

Other aspects of the book such as The Foot In The Door Method, and the technique of Loving Your Prospects First and at the same time Exploding Your Sales and Profits. This can even be used in social life,or any aspect of your life...

For Me This Book Is A Must Have, Michael Lee did a fantastic Job, while you may not be an expert in 20 days, you will reap a lot of benefits in 20 days.

Great Job Mike.

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