Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Magic Of Making Up Review

So I'm back I had to go to the dentist yesterday to have a cracked tooth removed immediately, oh that wasn't a pretty thing. Well Its over and I'm getting back together now.

I'm not going to go through the whole thing of talking about I lost my long lost love and I'm trying to get her back. Nope non of that bogus thing, I'm here to give a review of a ebook which claims to be able to teach you how to get you back with your Ex.

So What is The Magic of Making Up all about, keep your eyes glued to this page as I'll tell you as much as I can about this ebook.

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First Chapter Understanding Why Your Relation Ended (And Why Its Not Over Just Yet)

Relationship ends for different reasons, generally your partner may give the lame excuse as it's just not working out, but as humans we have to decode whats really behind that "it's just not working out."

Men Leave a relationship often times when the realtionship is no longer giving them what they need. The Book explains why me like to be admired for who they are and to see interest coming from the opposite sex. In essence MEN CRAVE ADMIRATION. When a relationship gets stale, men seek out someone who will show them the interest their partner once showed.

Men don't leave because they found someone prettier or thinner, they leave becuase they want to feel respected and admired and wanted again.

Women leave for a completely different reasons, women are often loyal to the end until they stop feeling appreciated by their partner. At times it may seem as though women crave attention, but it's not the attention that they need, women just really need to feel appreciated. They want you to appreciate everything they do.

And for that reason women that cheat does it with men that shows a lot of appreciation for what they have to offer and what they do.

The Core reason for someone to leave a relationship after an affair is for feeling unappreciated or for men losing the admiration of their partner.

Loyalty, Honesty and faithfulness takes a back seat to a little appreciation. The book explains why a little appreciation goes a long way.

Chapter 1 really gives you the core of what you need to understand about your realationship before you can mend it.

Chapter 2 The Key To Winning Back Their Love

This chapter goes into the details of why when you first break up,getting back together is not the first thing you should attempt to do.You may think that winning back your true love is to show him or her how much you really care as soon as possible, before it becomes too late. The truth is your ex will begin to feel alienated and become even angrier at you.

What I really like about this chapter is the Fast Forward Technique. Now this technique as 5 simple yet self improving and life changing power. This technique is very easy to impliment and will a fraction of your day and is performed 2-3 times a day pretty simple.

Chapter 3 covers the topic of Removing The Splinter In Your Relationship. It enlightens you as to weather or not you are making the right decission and how to remove the emotions from the facts about your relationship. That includes finding out where you went wrong, looking at the positives, noticing the negatives and knowing the real reason why you want to get back together

I like Chapter 3 as it really gives you the tools you need to evaluate the decission your making and how to come to that decission. Word of advice if you feel like your going to die without your Ex its the absolute wrong reason to get back together.

After You have come to your decission if you wish to get back your Ex, then its time re-ignite the spark of passion and desire. How it is important to "break the pattern," you also learn the psychological advantage of breaking the pattern and why this will work in your favor. These simple yet useful tips of breaking the pattern and refocusing yourself.

Chapter 5 helps you with getting your ex off your mind this is extremely critical in getting your mate back. This chapter emphasises how other people can actually bring you back together with your ex.

This chapter is very useful and will definately have your ex craving for you and desiring you like never before.

Learn also how not to panic if you find out that your ex is dating. Its really no neeed to panic as a new person will never have the same history that you and your ex had. And Statistic show that someone on the rebound rarely goes together for life with the next person they date. Studies have show that 90% of all rebound relationships never work out. So if your on track with doing everything that you should be doing at this point you wont need to worry.

Remember This Wont Last Long.

Chapter 6 is the final and this really wraps it up and put everything together. This relates to you how to ease back into your realtionship and solidify your love. Thats what you want right?

This chapter tells you how to go about making the first contact, what to do if your partner doesn't respond on the first contact, this is very important. The dating danger and how, when and where you need to arrange your dates. How to get the YES on that first date and what to do in the event that your ex responds NO. You don't want to panic.

You'll know exactly what to do on the date and how not to screw it up. Putting your best foot forward and how to end the date without any hassle. This chapter is very detailed as it teaches you the instant reconnect technique and what to do if tension rises. These are key elements that you need to know how to impliment effectively.

This Even cover about SEX and how to go about doing it. This book is not biased and gives advice for both Man and Women. I do think that's excellent.

Well after all that hard work you are finally reunited and it feels so good?

Chapter 7 takes care of you after that, learn how to maintaing that spark and how not to fall back into the trap that you just got yourself out of. You want to maintain the fun and love without dredging up old wounds and arguments. This chapter really teaches you how to keep the spark going and how to keep working at what you've been doing.

There's a chapter 8 but hopefully you wont need to read that chapter as you will be well on your way to have your ex back in your arms.

Good luck to you with geeting back your long last love.

I can't say it helped me get my ex back, cause I never broke up with my partner.

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