Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Google Ambush Review

Google Ambush Review

OK I must be honest I was ready to send the scammometer sky high on the Google Ambush Software.

Why? There are so many products that claim they can help you make thousands using Google AdWords, but all fail miserably.

As always you know I waste no time in getting to the heart of my reviews.

So here I GO.....

I decided to purchase the Google Ambush just out of mere curiosity. The sales page seemed to be well designed and also seemed to have a lot of hype around it.

So I "played the game," I hit the back browser on my web page as always to see if their are any agent responders, and what do you know, instead of paying $67.00 for the whole software it only cost me $4.95, just by hitting the back browser and pressing cancel. Yep you read it right, but that's only for a 7 day trial.

What Turned Me Off With This Software?

Once I paid the initial cost to try the software they tried to up sell me with an upgrade. Swearing that it will be my only chance to get in on this deluxe version and really make money with google AdWords.

My question was, If your software is all that and a bag of chips then why do I need something else to make it work. Long story short I declined to have the upgrade and just went with the basic software. That must have made them mad! :(

So what does Google Ambush provide?

Once you make your purchase and fill out the necessary information. The Google Ambush software provides you with 6 main features, which is the foundation for the operation of this software. The features are as follows, Product Finder, Keyword Research, Campaign Loader, Landing Page, Tracker and Videos.

My first thoughts were what the heck is this, deciding however to give Google Ambush a chance I proceeded to watch some of the videos that explains how to use the software. For each Feature provided he provides a video that demonstrates how these features are used.

My Turning Point...

I started fooling around with the software and something changed. The first feature allows you to search for products to promote. This software only uses clickbank. However this software is perfect for clickbank users. Why? When you search for a product it displays a list of clickbank products based on your keyword. You can make alterations and refine your search by finding products that has increased by anywhere from 10 to 100 gravity in the last day to 30 days.

This is useful as when the products are displayed you can determine, the products quality, view trends of the product, which allows you to know if a product is selling or is decreasing in gravity. A drastic decrease in gravity would mean that the product is of poor quality and generally doesn't deliver on what it promises.

This feature really prevents you from being in the dark as to what clickbank products are selling. A high gravity doesn't always mean that the product is selling.

Next you have the Keyword Research...

This is a great part of the software, have you struggled to find keywords. Well this software makes finding keywords for your chosen niche much easier. All this takes is you putting in the parent keyword and setting the amount of keywords you would like to generate. This produces a list of of quality keywords in seconds.

Most impressive thing about this feature is you can view ow competitive it would be to bid on those keywords and estimate before hand what it would cost you to be on the first page and in top positions. It shows you low cost keywords that a generating searches every month. This can be a great help as it allows you to lower your cost in PPC drastically.

Fourthly you would have the Campaign Loader, which allows you to load your campaigns to your Google AdWords account. This feature makes setting your AdWords campaigns much faster and easier and also allows you to upload your chosen keywords to your account. No more pain-stakingly typing every keyword into your AdWords account. :)

You then have your Landing Page generator. I know you may be asking won't I need web hosting and domain names. The answer is no, all this is already provided free of cost with you Google Ambush Membership. These Landing Page are what will help you to look professional in the eyes of your potential customers. This will help to boost your conversion or return on investment. This feature allows you to create as many landing pages as you like.

The ability to create as many landing pages as you like can help you to cut your adwords cost. Why? This allows you to be able to create landing pages with keywords relevant to your ads, anyone that uses Google Adwords knows how important this is.
The Landing page generator doesn't restrict you in any form you can design your landing page however you like there is absolutely no limitations. From pictures to alignment you name it you can do it.

Last But not least you have your Google Ambush Tracker, this allows you to readily track which Adwords campaign are profiting you and which one aren't. You can really zero in and know what gives you a better return on investment (ROI).

And that's what the Google Ambush Software is all about...

You Could Visit The Google Ambush By Clicking Here>>>


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