Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots Review

The Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots ebook is a massive 118 page presented in a pdf format. This ebook was just released on December 1st and presents a alternative to Google Adwords PPC.

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For now I'll be giving you whats in each chapter of Yahoo Cash For Idiots.

Chapter 1 Preface

Chapter 2 Introduction To Yahoo!

Chapter 3 Opening Yahoo Account And Setting Up A Campaign.
Setting Up A Campaign
Logging In

Chapter 4 Getting Started With Yahoo
Yahoo Search Marketing Definitions
Measurement Parameters
Bidding In Yahoo

Chapter 5 Yahoo Advertising System
Sponsored Search
Content Network

Chapter 6 Ads Management
X-ray of An Ad
Targeted Ads
Triggered Keywords

Chapter 7 Digging For A Wealth Stream
Learn How To Promote
Where To Find Products

Chapter 8 Finding Killer Keywords
Per Product
Per Popularity
Per Niche

Chapter 9 Uncovering Ad Groups Essential

Chapter 10 Three Revolutionary Y! Strategies
Strategy 1: The Search Booster
Strategy 2: The Content Devil
Strategy 3: The Smarts Idiot Fusion

Chapter 11 The Art Of Writing Appealing Ads
Display URL
Destination URL
Fine Tuning Your Ads

Chapter 12 From Google Adwords To Yahoo Marketing Solution

Chapter 13 Conclusion

Chapter 14 Resources

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