Sunday, December 21, 2008

Project Quick Cash Review

Alok relaunched Project Quick Cash and its been doing well in the clickbanbk market place. But I'm not here to jump on a band wagon because everyone is promoting it and its selling. This is a review site and thats what I do review products like these and you determine if it's for you.

So I purchased the Project Quick Cash the relaunch on December 19th, after the initial purchase there was an upgrade offer for PQC automation tools, "these tools will automate most of the tasks involved in Project Quick Cash. Super easy to use, using these will make PQC (Project Quick Cash)much more profitable and easier." You were then asked to join this PQC automation membership site for just $27/month, and you get free unlimited access to all internet marketing tools.

I declined that offer, but as you know these internet marketers just don't give up that easily. They then offered a 7 day trial offer for just $4.95. Sad to say I still wasn't interested.

Alok dives right into it, so much for an introduction or a hyped testimony of his success. No time wasted I like that lets see if I like is techniques and if they actually work which is what is most important.

Well first off the ebook is a whopping 82 page ebook. Something with this many pages should have some pretty decent information. Ok so lets look at the content first.

The cream of the crop starts on page 8:

Technique 1 Cashing The Spike Part 1

About the Technique
Finding The Keywords
Picking The Right Keywords
Monetizing The Keywords
Monetizing Through Affiliate Programs

Technique 2 Cashing The Spike Part 2

About the Technique
Monetizing Keywords Through Adsense

Tecnique 3 Underground Niche Profits

About the Technique
Finding A Niche
Finding Forums For The Niche
Creating Your Promotional Signature
Participating In Forums
Count The Money

Technique 4 Super Placement Targeting

About The Technique
What to Promote
Where to Promote
Creating Your Campaign
Monitoring Your Campaign

Technique 5 Leeching On a Launch

About The Technique
Finding Product Launches
The Domain Twist Trick
Free Blog Traffic
Web 2.0 Magic
Breaking & Entering

Final Words

Technique 1: Cashing the Spike Technique ia all about capitalizing on keywords that experience a sudden surge in the number of searches done on them. From a Marketing Perspective keywords having a sudden surge in demand have two advantages:

1. These keywords have a high buzz and if this buzz is capitalized in the right manner, it can yield hordes of Zero Cost and word of mouth traffic. This can be used to generate huge affiliate commissions.

2. Some of these keywords are revenue keywords. Some keywords with a sudden spike in demand have almost nil competition, this can mean very profitable affiliate commission for the smart marketer.

This technique speaks about Google Hot Trends and how to find these keywords; it is also explained how to pick the right keywords and this technique is all about picking the right keywords. This technique is one with seemingly the most potential.

Cashing The Spike 2- further explain how to capitalize further on this technique.

Technique 3 Underground Niche Profits- This is a technique where you pick up a non-internet marketing ebook, identify the target customers and promote it where the target customers hang out regularly.

This technique teaches you how to find these niches and how to market to these unknowing customers, who have no idea about affiliate programs. You get instructions on where to find affiliate programs.

Get the highly profitable low competitive niches to market to, this technique is the slickest of them all.

Technique 5 Leeching On A Launch - This technique is well thought out. What I like most about this technique is the domain twist trick. This technique requires fast action on your part and is about finding close variations to the products domain name and redirection that traffic to the affiliate product unknowing to customers. This technique relies on what is called type-in traffic and that when some just types the domain name in the main browser, rather than look for the product through keywords. this is a very unique technique and is something that I've used in the past.

You are also told where to find these products that will be launched and how to determine the ones that will have a lot of buzz to it. There is also longer lasting techniques that brings traffic through organic searches but requires more work than the domain twist technique. To be honest those techniques are well worth...

And Thats Your Project Quick Cash Review.

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