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The Rich Jerk Review

I was searching through my drawer for some paper work yesterday, and I ran into my hard copy of The Rich Jerk, I picked it up looked at it and smiled :).I thought why not write a review of this old obnoxious guy (the rich jerk). I remember when I first saw this website, my curiousity peeked and I just had to have that ebook. Well that was approximately 2 years ago.

At the time I was just a fledgling, didn't know anything about internet marketing. I did get some pretty good ideas from the ebook at the time, but I guessing that some of this information have got to be updated in is most recent copy.

I can't be sure how much I paid for this ebook, I think it was about $14.00 at the time. I'm guessing it should sell for around the same price just the same. So the table of Content in the ebook has 8 Chapters all covered in 60 pages.

Chapter 1 Creating an Affiliate Website that Sells like Crazy

A. Affiliate Networks
B. Sales Letters
C. Offering Rebates
D. Getting Paid Per Lead
E. Building Your Affiliate Website

Chapter 2 Unique Search Engine PPC Strategies that Kill the Competition

A. Pay-Per-Click
B. Google Adsense
C. Google Adwords
D. Building Your Own Traffic Middleman Website

Chapter 3 Search Engine Optimization Strategies (SEO)

A. Incoming Links
B. Page Content
C. Miscellaneous SEO strategies
D. Cloaking

Chapter 4 Selling Your Own Informational Product

A. Creating your Product
B. Building Your Website
C. Getting Affiliates to Promote Your Product
D. Emails
E. Legitimacy
F. Miscellaneous

Chapter 5 Buying and selling on eBay

Chapter 6 Websites you can Make Profitable Right Now

Chapter 7 Supplemental Info for Beginners

Chapter 8 Quality Products/Services I Highly Recommend

In Chapter 1 the rich jerk recommends some must join affiliate programs the top 4 being:

1.Clickbank- I can speak for this affiliate network its a really good network to join.
2. Commission Junction- The Top affiliate network for companies that sell physical products.
3. BeFree
4. LinkShare

Now the rich jerk advices that reviews are where the money and the big money is at. There is no hassle with dealing with physical products and its very simple to write a review on a product. I must agree with the rich jerk on that.

But there are five critical strategies to use when writing a sales letter. And In my opinion this works, but its all about how dedicated you are to making money online.

So these 5 aspects of a cash pulling sales letter include:

1. Creating Hope- this is based on the psychological aspect of humans as they are always searching for hope, people buy diets ebooks, how-to-gmable ebook, and many more things based on hope. A promise to make things better. Humans are curious and therefore creating that hope will fill that void; they are looking for that secret that will change their life forever. But I'll have you know that 75% of these people never put what they bought into use. So the rich jerk explains why invoking hope is a foundation of creating killer reviews or website.

2. Cause A Sense of Urgency- creating a sense of urgency and that if no action is taken may result in them missing out on something is very effective. You create what is called a impluse buy, in this instance they wont want to risk waiting and possibly missing out on the deal. So when you see things like "order by midnight an you'll receive $20 discount" or anything only the next 100 customer. Its a marketing ploy. Yet I will say these can be very effective if used the right way.

3. Appear As An Authority- You must appear to be an expert, but I say don't appear to be an expert be an expert on your subject. As an expert it pays not to be someone who is more helpful rather than someone that is trying to just make a buck. The heart of this technique is to an unbiased authority. You don't want people thinking you only have one ulterior motive.

4. Appear Unbiased- this is an extention of the 3 technique. Be an unbiased third party and just be helpful to people trying to make an informed decission. Your honesty pays off alot with this aspect of a killer website.

5. Encourage Fear- this aspect requires you instilling fear into your visitors, by making them believe that they will faqce problems ahead if they buy similar products elsewhere, or if they don't buy yours NOW. the rich jerk explains how to be catchy with fear and how to drive people to making that purchase.

6. Be Very Unsual (this is optional and is used to sell your own products)- this is really a reverse psychology technique and it's based on telling people Not to buy your product and to go and get the other lame products that don't work. this is a sneaky and probably in my opinion a unorthodox technique. My intergrity woudn't allow me to do this.

For me one satisfied customer is better than ten unsatisfied customer.

The ebook gives you an example of how to write a good sales copy or review using these 5 aspects. Even though he's a jerk he didn't leave you hanging.

I'll look at 2 other chapters in this ebook, not that the others could not be helpful, but I see more relevance in these 2 chapters rather than the rest. and besides I don't want to bore you with a rediculously long review.

Chapter 2 of this ebook deals with Pay-Per-Click with the two top choices being Google AdWords and Yahoo (formerly Overture). This aspect of the ebook deals with how to use Google Adwords to bid on keywords to get traffic to your website. I don't recommend this for the inexperienced, as Google AdWords is not o be played around with. Do'nt get me wrong if you can use Adwords effectively and not lose the shirt off your back then its all up to you. Paid Advertising can be very expensive and one must exercise caution when doing so.

Other things covered in the ebook include Google Adsense, which is where you join Google's network to display ads on your website. At this point you get paid for every click someone clicks on a ad on your website. I will not go into details as to what is dicussed in this ebook as, the techniques at this point are unethical. It's unfair to the paying advertisers to do this. So I'll not cover this apect in my review. This technique actually does work but I leave that to your better judgement, in making such a decission.

An Interesting part of this book that I came accross was the PPC ads that would increase your CTR (click through rate). This is a very clever technique and requires you being unique and distinct from your competitors.

For example.

Your Competitors Ad
Make Money Online
I make a 6 figure income
Find out how by clicking here

Your Ad
You Are Extremely Ugly
So am I. But I Am also Extremely Rich
Don't Be Ugly and Poor.

This does have some advantage to it, but ads like these you want to be very careful about.

The final chapter that I would like to review is Chapter 6 Websites You Can Make Profitable Right Now.

This chapter goes into how to use clickbank website to make huge profit. I know that clickbank can be a very profitable niche and building a business from clickbank, can make you thousands. The rich jerk, goes into details as to how to determine which products to promote and how to go about oing it cleverly. The one thing that I would advise is that if your not a clickbank affiliate, it pays to get involved.

This chapter covers important aspects of clickbank that you need to know about and how to build your empire online.

The rich jerk ebook was one on my very first ebooks, so I pay my respect, but I can't help but give an honest unbiased review. Hope my review enlightened you aas to what you were seeking to find out about the rich jerk.

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