Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ranking Loophole Review

It can be pretty frustrating, I get furious at google sometimes when I realize that I've been penalized, for something I know nothing about. You find yourself on the first page of Google one day and in the twinkling of an eye your website is nowhere to be found, lost I the dark side of Google.

I was in search of another way to get traffic to my website other than google, but that turned out to be an uphill battle. I just didn't have any luck with the other search engines, needless to say I got very little results.

I spent approximately $485.37 on Google Adwords and only made $185.07, It was a devastating outcome. Adwords is not a game for newbies trust me I speak from experience.

In my search to find some other way out I came across Ranking Loophole. It claims to give you a systematic loophole to rank in MSN. Even though MSN is not quite Google it would be well worth the try.

I'm not going to say this was an amazing product, as it took some work and my knowlege of marketing to make this work.

The ranking loophole covers the following:

1) How to build sites that *actually* make real money

2) How to multiply your average visitor value (profit)

3) Why this works in every market, and how to easily mass-scale this simple approach to create life-changing revenues...

It was complicated at first but after fooling around with the techniques I got the hang of it. It took some patients on my part to wait for the techniques to work. I must say I emailed Chris Rempel so many times in a 2 week period. He told me to be patient as I was becoming skeptic about this ranking loophole.

I held my wits and waited about the third week into trying this technique I started to see some results, It wasn't the first page ranking I was expecting but I was ranking on the second page of MSN. I was told that after about 6 weeks I'll be on the first page given I continue to work at it.

Even though is technique required me to build a network blog. They provided me with an alternative guide to rank money sites in MSN quickly - without building a blog network. This was perfect as I was on a low budget.

I'm slowly building money sites for MSN and I'm making steady progress. Profits are turning over and that's the upside. I guess I'll soon be able to make money on autopilot.

I was able to effectively exploit MSN ranking algorithms. I'll say its not black hat as your providing valuable content while at the same time making a profit.

My Website is steadily holding its ranking with this 5 step technique that is easy to impliment.

It's not a lazy persons guide, but it worked for me..

Chris Rempel and Dave Kelly keeps you posted on new methods to out rank your competitors, while they struggle and envy you. You do not need to be an Seo Expert, neither did I, this 20 page blueprint shows you just how to rank in top positions on MSN.


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