Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Marketing Bully Review

What Makes Marketing Bully or Affiliate Bully 144 by Andre Chaperon by any means different from any marketing products you have ever bought before.

Well he says that is course is not for crybabies and that you should find somewhere else to go with your whinning. He also claims that he can have you making money if you apply is foolproof course.

Well lets see if thats true. So I bought his ebook and sat back before my computer and read Andre Chaperon 42 page ebook. There were step by step instructions that he required you to take action with right away. He literrally takes you by the hand and explains how to effectively become a successful marketer.

This course breaks it down and shows you how to take a market that you literally know nothing about and make huge profits from it. How does he suggest you do this, Well he decide to do this live infront of 144 people ( thus the name Affiliate Bully 144). There was no way out if he totally flunked at doing it. What a laugh they would have...

So even better I decided to take action and implimeted what was in this easy to apply marketing course. I scrolled through the clickbank market place and found a product that looked promising ( one that had a great sales copy and that was on the rise in the market place). I made sure I knew everthing about the product I was promoting and covered all the key points of the product both the positives and negatives. There is nothing more important than using the product that you choose to promote before recommending it.

After choosing my product I followed instructions and created a very convincing and hypnotic sales copy that, was sure to convince any undecided prospects. This is the key and taking a day to create this sales copy is well worth it, as instructed I didn't want any of my traffic going to waste.

So day 1 passed and my website was ready to go. Just a few more things to do before I went live. I did a research on my potential buyers. This was important as I need to know some valuable information about them. This included, age, what these prospects are looking for, there finacial status and such like. I made sure I did all my detective work, as this paid off big time.

Marketing Bully Put's It This Way You Need To:

1. Learn How Know The Product Your Promoting(don't skipp this it's very important).
2. Learn How To Do The Necessary Detective Work To Maximize Your Profits..
3. Know How To Create A Strong Sales Copy, Article to maximize you conversions.

So I launched on day 2 and with my targeted keywords and targeted vistors. Needless to say they were hungry for what I had to offer, I did it right; I finally understood how to get xtreme conversions, without wasting my time and efforts.

There was however a down side to Andre Chaperon's Marketing Bully. It didn't give much affiliate websites that you can go to to find products to promote. It did list clickbank but that was about it. But there are many different affiliate website you could join. I will however say though that clickbank is a great place to start, they have never missed a payment and is quite easy to use.

I'm sure that what you're looking for his how you can get in on this million dollar business.....Well

Here It Is...


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