Sunday, January 4, 2009

Xbox 360 3 Red Light Repair Guide Review

I'll have you know right off the bat that I don't own a Xbox 360. At least not anymore. I use to be a game addict until I reached my late teens then other priorities took over. But I bought the Xbox 360 3 Red Light Repair Guide to see if delivers on what it claims and if the manual is easy to follow and apply.
Ok so I purchased with the 5 dollar discount that they had to offer and so I paid $24.95 for the guide. There are two aspects to this guide, the ebook is a 10 page and a 8 page guide written in simple steps and instructions. the first guide explains how to dissasembly your Xbox 360 from start to finish. It has diagrams which allows you to identify what the guide is instructing you to do. I thought that was good.

The first guide list a total of 14 steps to dissasemble and repair your Xbox, you are given a list of tools that are necessary inorder to do this. No need to worry its just tools you already have around the house, you won't be going out to buy any expensive tools you can't afford.

The guide illustrates how to get into the interior of your Xbox 360 and do the necessary repair. This includes removing the white airflow guide, disconnecting the power for the cooling fans. it then goes into further details of how to remove the x connectors these are what hold the heat sink on the CPU and GPU. This will allow you to be able to remove the thermal compound.

After removal of the CPU and GPU you are told what to do in order not to damage the motherboard while fixing your Xbox 360. These are very simple and easy to follow instructions and if following the diagrams and the intructions become a bit confusing then there are the videos which will clarify anything that you dont understand.

There are three videos all of which are rather helpful, but would have been even better if there was some narration as to what he was doing at each point of the video. However the videos are very clear and this allows you to see exactly what you need to do to fix you Xbox 360.
After following the guide your Xbox should ready to run and the three red light error most likely will not happen again. It is advised that the you play you Xbox 360 on low settings for about 20 days so that the work that you did on it can cure properly.

The reason why this problem occurs is when microsoft was designing the Xbox 360 they chose a very unusual way of mounting the heat sinks to the processor.When the console is running a lot of heat builds up and this inturn cases the motherboard to flex against the x-clamp support plastic which causes the soldering to come away from the motherboard itself. Thus this results the in the Red lights of Death.

The modification in this manual alleviates board flexing and applies uniform pressure to the processor. the uniform pressure is enough to correct the faulty joints in a working console. This also allows the heat sinks to perform better in preventing a heat build up.

All in all you could fix your Xbox 360 yourself instead of sending it for repairs.

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