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The 11 Forgotten Laws Review

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Wow, Just Wow. Bob Proctor and Mary Morissey,brings the 11 forgotten laws to life. I've heard about these laws but never chose to operate by those laws. Now I realize that thier are 12 laws that govern this universe and of such I must work with these laws to make anything of my life.

I was in a state of dispair and utter confusion. I did not know what direction my life was taking, I had a series of mishaps taking place all at once and I was bashing myself asking why me. What have I done wrong? I felt cornered and hopeless, trapped with no way out.

I was in search for something to change my life, what it was that I needed I didn't know. But I was looking. I was looking with the physical eyes, not with the eyes of my mind. We claim to see with our eyes, but we actually don't, my "eyes" are just a pair of windows that allows an image to form in my mind.

The most know law to us is the Law of Attraction, I already knew of this law but wasn't applying it properly as I came to find out. The other 11 laws are as follows and these laws have put me on the path to a changed person and I now apply these laws on a daily basis: Working With The Law, Law of Thinking, Law of Supply,Law Of Receiving, Law of Increase, Law of Increase, Law of Compensation, Law of Non Resistance, Law of Forgiveness, Law of Sacrifice, Law of Obedience, and last but not least Law of Success. The Law of Attraction being one of the 12.

Now back to my story, I was in search of an answer as I said, but I first had to ask myself a question, What was my interest? Asking myself this question made me realize I had very little to no interest and that was one of the main things that was holding me back. I accepted what the outward forces gave to me because I did not understand how to combat these forces that I was working against.

I was truly working against these laws, when I simply needed to make a shift in my thought and work with the law. That brought me to the place where I had to think, the Law of Thinking. I always thought that I was thinking, but I really wasn't, I just had thoughts zapping through my mind faster than the speed of light. No real focus on thinking. Bob Proctor and Mary Morrisey, gave such clear explanation of this law. You are what you think, we manifest into being what we think and we are responsible for putting ourselves in that position, be it positive or negative. I had negative thoughts so attracted negaive occurences in my life. My thoughts of I'll never be able to, and there is no way out ate me up.

This course is truly inspirational, I had a new light, a chanel of hope came over me, I rededicated myself to accomplishing that which I am made to be. I started by my change my renewing my thoughts, just a 1 degree shift took me to a different place the place I needed to be.

I began to harness the power that was within me. Rob's home study course of the 11 forgotten laws, is truly an answer to many of your unanswered questions. Believe it or not the 11 forgotten laws governs the outcome of any given situation, be it that your aware of it or not. These laws govern the universe and we simply can't ignore them. Just as the Law of gravity exist and we can't ignore it, so it is with the Laws that govern the universe.

I've learnt how to change situations, regardless of how hopeless it seems, to a positive circumstance. If you wish to make a change in your life and understand what's causing you to fail at most if not everything you try, the 11 forgottten laws can help you through this.

If You are challenged and have no hope, wishing for things to change, you don't have to wish anymore. You actually have the power, the innner most being to change what it is you need.

I challenged the 11 Foregotten Laws, I wasn't going in with much hope for a change but it did. I went to the sales page and read it all it seem to offer something but I was still skeptical. I hit the back browser and a $5 7 day trial offer poped up. I thought to myself what have I to lose, I signed Up. That 7 days has helped me to turn my life around a literal 180 degree turn. I was down the path to destroying myself, but that all changed. Everthing is not gone, but I'm on the path to success. These Audios are life changing.

I challenge You, to try the 11 forgotten Laws, and If it doesn't renew your mind and put you on the path to success. I give you full right's to write any nasty comment you wish on my blog.

I give you a promise, this course will change your life. Walk in the light and take my challenge you also have a 100% money back promise from Rob and Mary.

So take the challenge today. Learn About The Other Side Of You You've Been Ignoring On The Next Page >>>

The Study Course That teaches you how to use the 12 laws to empower and change your life making you successful and setting you free.


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