Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Google Annihilation Review

The ever popular and well known Rob Benwell, as done it again. Rob Benwell is well know for his Blogging To The Bank Series and is a very successful underground marketer or blogger.

So of recently Rob came out with Google Annihilation and it's a software that claims to be able to drive thousads of visitors to your website giving you high rankings on google.

So I decided to test Rob Benwell's newly designed software as I had success with is previous products before, If I trust anyone I would trust Rob. So without hesitation I bought Google Annihilation and set it to work.

It's a very simple and straight forward software no complexity or fluff to it just plian simple. I signed up as a pluged my websites information into the software. I then clicked the submit software and left the software to do its work. As stipulatd in is sales copy it would take about a week to start seeing results.

I sat back and patiently waited. I struggled with the same thing that you are,and that's how to get thousands of traffic to my website for free. I've had sporadic trffic to my websites before, but have never had much success to drive traffic to my website.

On day three I typed my website url in google to see if there were any links to my website and viola, what do you know I generated quality links to my website all on autopilot. To be specific 9 links in 3 days and counting. The operation of Google Annihilation is to build quality links naturally, which prevents any type of supicion, and prevent you from being penalized by Google.

This software seemed safe, and I'm yet to see any negative side effects as a result of using Google Annihilation.

One of my concern was that wouldn't this become over used and ineffective after some time; but Rob reassured me that this would never happen. There is far too many niches out there for any one niche to become overcrowded.

Further more Rob is only allow this software to be available for a very short time before he closes the curtains...If You scroll to the bottom of his sales page you'll see this very time sensitive information.

I did have a few draw backs with Google Annihilation, these being:

1. I had a few run-ins with being able to log in. This was however quickly resolved by the Google Annihilation Team.

2. I had to wait patiently to see if his software actually worked,however I got my answer in 3 days.

3. Too Many people may grab this software, but I was reassured that the curtains will close soon.

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