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Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review

So What's Up With the Fat Loss For Idiots System Does It Deliver As Promised lets find out...

The Fat Loss 4 Idiots comes in two parts, the Diet Handbook and the Diet Generator. This provides you with two weight loss choices, this is essentially as each program is designed based on how much weight it is you need to lose. The Handbook provides you with 10 Rules of weight loss. These rules are very simple and your success in losing weight all depends on how well you adhere to these 10 rules.

So forget everthing you were thought about streneous excercise, or excercise period, forget about starving yourself and don't be fooled by what main stream Media tells you about weight loss. They just go with what is popular. Learn why heavy excercise including, sit-ups, jogging, and heavy weight lifting does not help at all.

Rule #1 - Manipulating Calories

Manipulating the type of calories that enters your body is important.The first thing that is important is to learn the 3 types of calories, these are Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats. You are then given a list of foods to learn:

Protein Foods

Lean Roast Beef
Cottage Cheese (low fat)
Eggs (scrambled, hard-boiled)
Broiled Flounder (non breaded)

Carb Foods

Bread (should be "oat" or "bran" type bread
Mixed Vegetables (fresh or frozen)
Fresh Apples

The above list is just a sample of some of the foods you'll need to learn.

So I used the Diet Generator to see what kind of meals it would recommend I eat for the 11 plan and this is what came up for the first day I excluded the other 10 days for obvious reasons.

This Meal plan was generated as a result of chosing 7-15 foods from each side of two columns that you simple check which foods it is you love to eat, you then simply submit these food and your 11 day meal plan is generated for you. You can change up the foods by simply chosing different foods and submitting it and you have a totally new menu...

I liked this feature as it takes the guess work out of the kind of means you can have and what to prepare for your four meal course each day. This feature I beleive really makes this weight loss program work...

Rule #2 - Eat 4 Meals Per Day

This is important as the body doesn't pay attention to daily calories it pays attention to calories per meal. This is where you advantage of eating 4 times per day comes in.

Rule #3 - Prepare Your Meals At Home

This is a very simple and straight forward rule but is very important and critical to your success.

Rule #4 - Rotation Of Foods

With this rule inorder for you to lose weight you just need to rotate the protein and carb foods each day according to a schedule. At this point you are given detailed meal examples to help you along, but this is not the main 11 day diet it is the secondary diet plan.

Rule # 5 - Plain Is Better

As it is known condiments are loaded with carbohydrates which your body readily turns into fat tissues, and it is important that you avoid this as much as possible.

Rule # 6 - Knowing When To Stop

This is very powerful and is very easy to follow. Many ask the question when is the right time ro stop eating. It's simple Stop eating before you are satisfied. You receive more details on how to accomplish this in the Diet Handbook.

Rule # 7 - Beverages

You'll like this the things you think that are actually healthy aren't the helathy ones that's all I can say.

Rule # 8 - Drinking Water To Burn Fat

How simple can this be. You will learn how to use water to accelerate your weight loss. This is a very effective rule that must be kept in the 10 rules to weight loss.

Rule # 9 - Walking

Rule # 10 - Stop Looking For Fat Free Foods

This may sound contrary but even if a food is fat free it can still make you fat. Learn the foods that you really need to avoid, stop wasting your time looking for fat free foods.

Following These 10 Weight Loss Rules, the Handbook provides great information on why

Sit-Ups Are A Waste Of Time
Why Never To Do Intense Excercise

Why Low Carbs Don't Work -
I believe this is one very important aspect that you need to be aware of.

Other Very help information are provided in this 45 page Handbook. Including the Top 10 Foods To Avoid. This is a must have list.

That's only the Secondary Diet Plan so remember that there is the 11 day accelerated Diet Plan.

Here is a One Day meal generated from my Diet Generator.

DAY #1

Meal #1:

For Meal #1 you may eat any combination of the below foods that you wish (you may eat all or just 1 of the below foods, it's up to you).

*There are NO LIMITS ON PORTIONS (you get to choose how much to eat ---- but please remember that you must eat portions small enough so that you never feel "full", that's the only rule).

Scrambled Eggs

Meal #2:

Regular Cheese Slices

Meal #3:

Roast Beef Slices
Delicious Shrimp
Fresh Grapefruit

Meal #4:

Turkey Slices
Cottage Cheese
Bowl of Green and Red Vegetables

Food prep instructions are given at the end of the 11 day meal plan.

I do belive that this Diet Secret Will accomplish what it claims in its sales copy. Even though it takes you through several pages before you purcahse the product, it was well work it.

If You or Someone You Know Needs Help Losing Weight, Then This Could Be A Very Helpful Weight Loss Program To Have.

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