Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Forex Profit Code Review

It's my day off from my regular 9-5 job and I decided to do another review of another hot selling online Forex trading software. To be specific I'm speaking of Forex Profit Code.

I must hand it to these guys, Robert Myers did a pretty good job at making a wonderful sales copy, cause to be frank thats all there is to what this sorftware has to offer. The sales copy claims no experience need, and that you can have this downloaded and running in 1 minute and 30 seconds. I'd say more like 1 and a Half day.

I bought this forex Profit code system to challenge its claims of being able to let you make money trading currency. I had problems from the beginning. First he askes you to download the pdf and read them. There were three ebooks along with the software, they had the following pages in them one had 14 pages, the other had 12 and the last one had 48 pages.

To put things into perspective, all three ebooks made absolutely no sense to me. I dont know weather or not it's my lack of knowledge of forex trading but it all seemed like a load of confusing crap to me. How are you going to claim no experience need and yet your manual doesn't make it any easier for a non-experienced person like myself to understand anything further.

The other dissatisfaction that I had was I was given a link to download Meta Trader 4 as this is the trading sytem that the Forex Profit code is able to work with. So trying to make good of the money I spent I tried to look on the bright side, I download this trading system but it was a demo. I couldn't find where to change it from a demo to a live trade, it was just rediculous.

The Forex indicator code that they explained should be installed and used when trading also gave trouble to use. I downloaded the stupid, excuse my tone, indicator in the folder they instructed me to put it in and tried to drag and drop the indicator on the trading graph and what do you know this would do nothing like they said. I just don't get it maybe I did something wrong.

I uninstalled and did it again, this time it worked but for me it was too late, the caption poped up as they said quote "this indicator is working properly" like I would know if it is. It did give some buy and sell signals but I couldn't find where to place a darn trade. I spent hours trying to figure out how to funtion the trading system but to no success. Time is money for me and this was just taking too much time.

To Robert Myers I would say get your stuff right, your Forex Profit Code is a bunch of crap, and I'm not just bashing is product because I'm angry, but I honestly did not get anything this program promised. So much for spending $49.95 on a crappy product :( fortunately for me clickbank offers 100% Money Back Guarantee. So I requested my refund :).

I guess you'll be mad when and if you see this review Robert Myers, if that's even your real name. But I just had to spill the beans on this one.

Word Is there is a better Forex Trading Robot that many are satisfied with, I suggest If your thinking about Forex Auto Trade then spend your money on something that's worth it and proven to work.

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