Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Guru Assassin Review

The Guru Assassin is set to launch today January 29th and it seems to be promising. Johnny Andrews, decided to reveal is fully automated cash pulling system he uses to make an average of $600.00/day.

I must say that doesn't seem like much but It all ads ups. I managed to get my hands on a prelaunch copy of The Guru Assassin, as I need proof that it works. Now this system by Johnny Andrews is totally simple and easy to use and I'm not just saying that. It's one of the best put together automated systems I've seen in a long time.

The Guru Assassin provides you with step-by-step instruction, video tutorials and at the same time you can learn exactly how to start making a six figure income, with no experience.

It's traffic secrets are truly unique and like none I've ever used before. Andrew Teaches extreme conversion techniques, that will double your sales instantly. He explains just how to get 30 ready to spend vistors to sites,(30 vistors per day, that's almost 1000 vistors per month), this system shows you why getting traffic to your site is rather easy.

Guru's don't want you to believe that it's easy to get traffic to your site, they want you to always be in that state of mind to always be searching for something. The Guru Assassin breaks this cycle. Johnny Andrews gives you is exact system that efforlessly pulls cash in your pocket.

I did say I got a sneak preview and with that I got a live video, from John Andrews, showing just how easy he makes money, this is no kidding. Right before my very eyes, he went from $1,253.87 to 1,378.53 in just about 20 minutes. That's over $100.00 in way less than an hour and this all happened while he was explaining his system and why it will always work 100% of the time.

You can copy Johnny's success system, the Guru Assassin will have you running an autopilot business in 48hrs.

Learn How To Launch a 6 Figure Business In Less Than 24 Hours.


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