Saturday, January 17, 2009

Confessions Of A Lazy Super Affiliate

I bought Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate also know as the Lazy Super Affiliate. I wanted to see what methods a lazy super affiliate uses to make money online.

I must admit this ebook had a very strong sales page, but even better was the information and methods that it provided. Would I say that the methods expressed in Confessions of a lazy super affiliate lazy is lazy? lets see.

This 62 page ebook by Chris Rempel handles a lot. It provides fool proof methods to easily and effectively make money online. So what does lazy super affiliate have to offer.

The methods and techniques expressed in this ebook is about how to use mini sites to make massive profits. Why should this work? Well it very easy, making a 20 page mini site takes 2 days at most depending on your work ethics and knowledge of affiliate marketing.

What does it take? Simple writing skills, and finding the right products to promote. This is very critical to your success as a lazy affiliate, promoting the wrong product can turn out to be dissapointing, when you've done all that hard work and see or get very little or no results.

Remember your reason for doing affiliate marketing is to make money. But you must be very careful of how you promote to your visitors. You don't want to seem to be coercing anyone into a decission, but you want to seem more helpful to that person.

One of the things I like about confesstions of a lazy super affiliate is the fact that, on its sales page Chris Rempel makes a very important point, you can see is exact claim right after the blue writing "How I Actually Do This" Click Here To See. The Thing is this is not just some eroneous claim, but he actually delivers on that claim that he made.

I compare what the sales page claims to what these digital products provide. Which is what counts as ever too often these products are hyped up and delivers nothing.

If You look at Part 3 of his sales page you'd ( this is one of the main reasons I bought this ebook) find something that is very critical and is a must have to make it as an affiliate online. Without this your heading nowhere as an affiliate.

You often hear how important it is to have a list and that the money is in the list. Well Chris will show you that having a list is not relevant to being a successful affiliate. Having a list has it's place in affiliate marketing, but you'll realize why it's not important to make money online. Chris explain this very well.

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