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Nasty Dirty Money Review

Can Nasty Dirty Money Make You Any Money?

Or Is It Just A SCAM?

Well lets get right into it. The Owner of this Money Making ebook goes by the name Nasty D. sounds like a street name to me. But I'm not here to assasinate anyones character, I'm only here to give an honest review.

Nasty Dirty Money comes with 9 different courses namely:

Power Affiliate Marketing Secrets
Nasty Article Secrets
Nasty Ebook Secrets
Nasty Traffic Secrets
Dirty Advertising Secrets
Dirty Fundamentals
Dirty Hypnotic Words
Dirty Information Riches...
Dirty Way of Selling

Each course is tied in together yet has sytems that operate independently from each other. The first course of Nasty Dirty Money which is Power Affiliate Marketing Secrets, provides you with basic information that any affiliate or Internet Marketer will tell you is critical to being successful online.

This covers the importance of email marketing and why it is important to have a list. I'm sure you've heard it many time the money is in the list. It sound very simple but email marketing is a very lucrative business. Did Nasty Dirty Money do a good job of demonstrating how to go about doing email marketing. Well it covers both the free and the paid methods of how to begin capturing your customers email address. You'll learn how to build everthing from scratch. From designing your website, to making it into an email capturing machine, literally forcing people to freely give you their email list.

Now what's important is not the quantity of emails you have, but you need to have a very responsive email list. This first course teaches you how to determine and ensure that you have a highly responsive list and weeding out the bad emails (which would have otherwise just waste your time).

I developed a few ideas from this ebook, of how to create simple opt-in pages that converts at a very high rate. If email marketing is the center of your business, an it should be then caputring and funneling visitor's email address is crucial to the purpose of your website. Email capture is so profiting, that even big companies are doing it, major retail companies are getting there customers email address as they know the profitablility of being able to market to customers over and over again.

Also of great importance and which is looked at in details in Nasty Dirty Money, is the fact that if you are serious about making money online then it's ineveitable that you have a domain. Sure there are free ways to make money, but real money is made when you take things as serious as if your running a physical company. Approaching your venture this way will ensure that you're dedicated to making it work.

So pointers, making all the effort to caputre your visitors email address as this will become a driving force in your business. And 2 you must have a domain. This is what will separate the big dogs from the players. So be serious about your make money venture, put all your efforts into it like it's a physical business. Any other approach will result in absolute failure.

The second module of Nasty Dirty Money is Nasty Article Secrets. I'm sure you have heard of article marketing and how effective it is. Needless to say Article Marketing is a great way to start building an empire online and letting your presence be felt. In this second module there are really no secrets mentioned, just cold hard facts of how to approach article marketing and how to use it effectively.

In fact my very first commission online was done through article marketing, that was about 3 years ago, you could just imagine the joy I felt seeing those money in my account. The better part was getting paid. So you may think article marketing is dead or useless, but I implore you not to under-estimate the power of article marketing. The ebook also teaches you how to use short interesting article to lead readers to your capture or squeeze page.

So module 2 was interesting and very informative, but it there weren't any secret methods.

Next on the list Nasty ebook Secrets- there are some tips here that I'm sure actually works and can create a viral effect, but take much more work. However Nasty D. provides a very simple means to making ebooks and giving it away for free, which is the important part of all this.

You may be thinking wont this be time consuming, well not at all, your shown how to use simple articles you've written and make them into ebooks, that will create a viral effect for your business. Though it may seem pointless to do this,the thing is you're not writing a massive ebook only a small interesting ebook ( mini) that has interesting information you've already written. This is a very clever method.

You'd think that by the title of this ebook "Nasty Dirty Money" that there would be some unethical concepts or manipulative techniques, but the thing is they are all legitimate methods and does go against morality at all. The context in which the ebook is written is totally different from what the title would imply. However there are some good stuff entailed in it.

There is nothing really new about this ebook, but what it lacks in newness it makes up for in quality. Certainly not a 10/10 but the information was well put together and was, which made it easy to understand and impliment. Therfore prevent you from being confused by having a information over-load.

The Dirty Hypnotic Words and Dirty Way of Selling is powerful when put together. The thing is online your not speaking to your potential customers face to face and this as its advatages and disadvatages, but your success highly depends on how good a sales person you can be to the other person at the other end of another PC monitor, weather a Yard or a thousand miles aways.

Learning how to become an effective sales person is also important to making good sales copy or just writing plain articles that attract buyers.

So it's by no means dirty ways to make money, but legitimate, hard facts of how to go about making money online.

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