Saturday, January 3, 2009

Make Money Taking Surveys Review

Lets see if I can get this right. When you go to the sales page of make money taking, hit the back browser button, after which a prompt is going to pop up to get it for a discount offer of $17.00. At this point hit the cancel button. That's much cheaper than the original cost, but don't stop there I'll have you get in for just $7.00. All you have to do is attempt to close the window at this point another prompt will pop up and and that's when you hit the cancel button once again and there you go only $7.00.

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However I'm here to give a review so lets get into it. Well as always these Internet marketers always try to up sell you after intially claiming to let you in the door. What I dislike so much about this is they always claim that their products can do so much and make you so much money, yet they always try to up-sell for something that will help you make a lot more. I just don't get it.

So what happens after your initial purchase is the make money taking survey team offers you 7 of the Internets hottest Make money products for $67.00. I declined this offer and they then cut it back to $27.00, seemed quite reasonable, but I wasn't interested at all. I declined once more, at this point I was getting irritated rather than tempted, they then offered to let me have those hot money making products for $17.00. well it was't of any use to me I was more interested in what the survey site had to offer, that was it nothing else.

Michelle McAllister, then introduces herself and promises to teach you and show you everything that Trish as taught her and everything that she's learned over her 3 years of doing this. You are then brought to the first steps that are necessary to taking surveys online.

These include:

Setting email addresses just for taking surveys.

She also recommendeds downloading and getting familiar with Roboform a free software, which is to help you complete surveys much quicker.

The third step explains that your success with make money taking surveys will primarily depend on:

1)The number of market research companies that you register with
2)Your "profile" which determines the number and type of invitations you get
3)The amount of time you spend participating in surveys, focus groups, etc.
4)How lucky you are when it comes to drawings, raffles, and sweepstakes

You are then given a few important reminders of what you should and should not do.

Straight away you are taken to the huge survey database, which has 120 companies which you can sign up with, yes its free to join these compainies, but I don't know if I could manage doing surveys for so many companies. I guess that's why its suggested that you download the roboform.

Some of these survey sites include:

Send Earnings
Neilson Net Panel
Lightspeed Research
Valued Opinions
Clear Voice Surveys Etc.

There are also 60 paid emails websites, 90 paid to shop websites and 2 paid to drive car websites. Thats a total of 272 websites, quite a lot if you asked me. I believe that this is for someone who has absolutely very little to do all day, for me it's a waste of my time, but if time is what you have on your hands I guess you can be helful in helping these companies in decide on good ideas for new products.

Taking surveys is a helpful industry so doing surveys you would be making some good contibution to high class companies. Only you just don't get a big cut of the pie.

As a memember of make money taking surveys, there are bonuses that you receive these include Photo wealth System- which is a 100 page ebook, and Write At Home System which is a 80 page ebook.

However the Extras and the Platinum package is loaded with affiliate links, so the purchase of any of these programs, even though it may be helpful will put money in their pockets. So be careful when clicking on any of those links they are all afiiliate links.

My judgement, making money taking surveys is possible but requires a lot of work, don't expect to get rich just joining 20 survey compainies. In my conclusion, it's hard work as everything else in life is. Don't expect anything to be on autopilot. At least not with taking surveys.

If you are someone, who is interested in taking surveys then this could be a good place to start. But only if that's your interest.

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