Saturday, January 10, 2009

Automated Cash Formula Review

I know your biggest concern is weather or not Automated Cash Formula Really Works. I'm here to help you determine if Automated Cash Formula is right for you. So what does Automated Cash Formula really do.

Firstly this is not a automatic software system, if that's what your looking for then this is not it. Automated Cash Formula actually gives you information to establish a cash flow that becomes a steady stream of cash flow.

So How Does It Work?

Dave Gale has made is system totally easy to understand. Dave started off with introducing You to affiliate marketing and not just simple affiliate marketing but another level of it that has been untapped. The affiliate marketing that Dave introduces, is a very effective cash pulling technique, that's easy to impliment as 123.

The plan set-forth in Automated Cash Formula is incredibly easy. And When Dave said you need no websites he was absoulutely serious about it. The Methods expressed in this 89 page ebook is no fluff, Dave Gale Actually gives you exactly what's needed to make money online.

As expressed in the Automated Cash Formula System, there are 10 necessary steps to achieve automated cash flow and make money online. Now this is not a get rich quick course, where your told that you'll make millions and become a millionaire. But Automated cash Formula puts A possible $500 per day cash flow.

The Automated Cash Formula has 2 optional steps that are not necessary in the 10 step technique, but are a further source of income that you'd want to exploit. I'll have you know from the start that nothing in this course is technical or hard to understand and is created in the simplest form equipting you with only what you need to make money!

Ok enough with the talk time for proof. So after buying the automated cash formula I implimented the 10 steps outline, and I launched a campaign without a website.

It's Not Much But here are the results:

This Is A Clickbank Account That I Set Up For Free As Instructed In The Course.

Sat Jan 10 $0.00
Fri Jan 09 $17.98
Thu Jan 08 $0.00
Wed Jan 07 $34.33
Tue Jan 06 $0.00
Mon Jan 05 $26.30
Sun Jan 04 $16.56
Sat Jan 03 $0.00
Fri Jan 02 $0.00
Thu Jan 01 $0.00

That's one campaign and I made $95.17 all with no website and just about and hour and half worth of work. Not bad for starters!

My verdict Automated cash formula does posses the ability to earn you money. What I look for in any make money product that I review is weather or not it is able to allow you to make money and just how easy it is to do so.

With Automated Cash Formula You Can Make Money To Help With A few bills, but if your really dedicated to the system then $500.00 a day is reachable.

And oh, before I forget; the techniques in the Automated Cash Formula is highly untapped and can be highly profitable to make money online...

You Could Visit Automated Cash Formula By Clicking Here!
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fabreez1 said...

I am thinking of purshasing the automated cash formula but noticed that it took you only 1 1/2 to do your first one. I have read a lot of reviews on this and most say it can take up to a day to achieve this. I would be new at this and need to know as much as I can before I invest my time into it. A little confused after reading so many reviews. How hard is it to find the right affiliates? If you don't have a niche what's the best way to go? I am one of those people who need as much in put I can get before I work my butt off to achieve it. I don't like to find out info after the fact. I like to know everything up front. I have gotten involved with quite a lot of projects that have failed because of not knowing all the facts. It's like buying an old house. Before you purchase it you would want to know what's wrong with it before you put money and time into getting it to where it's livable.
I would appreicate any input you have since you have tried it for yourself. Are you still doing it to add to your income?
Thank you,

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