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The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

Hats off to Michael D. Geary (Mike Geary), I believe this is a job well done and an eye opening program he has put together. Contrary to popular belief sit ups or Abs workout is absolutely not necessary to achieve 6 pack abs of get into great body shape.

In fact the Truth About Six Pack Abs manual effectively demonstrates why it is not necessary to do Ab workout in order to get 6 pack abs. Through research and the help of this book I've learnt that my focus should not be on trying to develop rock hard abs but to achieve losing body fat around the belly, better yet losing body fat in its entirety is the keep to success.

Mike gives you the tools necessary to achieve this, its a no nonsense manual that takes the average person from flabs to abs. It A 149 page detailed book, which explains everything you need to know in order to attain success. From changing your eating habits to 7 different levels of well researched foolproof workouts that will get you in shape in time to save yourself.

It is made very clear that a re-dedication to changing your life style is important. It is impossible to achieve any form of weight loss success, if you continue to feed your body on the same junk. You just wont attain much if any success doing so.

Michael also mentions the 2 most deadliest food to avoid at all cost. Its sitting right there in your kitchen and you don't even know its what making you fat and unable to lose weight. What You really need to understand is that before you try to have visible muscle you must lose body fat. Strenuous exercise does not help with helping you to lose body fat, sure it as you working up a sweat but it does not burn body fat, you are only working yourself to death only to realize what you are doing is not working.

Intense cardio exercise does not help at all, this goes against popular belief but it is actually true, do you always wonder why when your on those machines in the gym after losing a few pounds you hit rock bottom. Well sorry to say but they just don't work sure you'll reap little success but you will get to that point where you have reached a barrier.

The good thing about Truth About Six Pack Abs is that it is not just targeted to men, but that it is very much so targeted to women as well. Women don't need hard rock abs, but I'm sure that little pooh is bothering you a whole lot well Mike as the solution to all that.

Things to bear in mind is that with this highly successful workout program you don't need any type of equipment, you don't need to join a gym and that means you can achieve your set goals without spending any extra money.

Listed also are several Bad Exercises You Need To Aviod, I'll list them below for you safety last thing you want to do is hurt yourself. Here they are:

• Lying straight-legged leg raises (first 45° off of floor, one leg at a time or both)
• Hanging leg raises with an arched back
• Sit-ups with feet supported
• Straight legged sit-ups
• Any machine-based ab exercise
• Any machine-based twisting exercise
• Torso twists (they provide no resistance, nor burn many calories)

In essence this manual was well thought out and not only that over delivers, there are actually 7 other bonuses and even a surprise bonus all crammed into this offer.

These bonuses include ebooks(which you probably don't need, as the manual is good enough):

1. 8 week Body weight Fusion Fat Loss Program
2. Stability Ball Killer Abs Workout ebook
3. Ultimate Staircase Exercises
4. Smoothies For Athletes ebook
5. Skyrocket Your Fat Loss Success
6. 10 Minute Full Body Strengthening Routine
7. Free 30-day Exclusive Global Health & Fitness Membership

At the time I bought Truth About Six Pack Abs they were offering a 21 day $4.95, trial offer. I'm happy I got that deal, but this seems like a very limited time offer.

In conclusion if losing weight and having a great body is what your looking for Truth About Six Pack Abs I highly recommend..

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